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•  Timothy AllandAdvisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Quasisymmetries of the Feigenbaum Julia set
•  Shamuel AuyeungTrinity College , Visiting Asst. Professor Advisor: Mark McLean    
   Adjacent Singularities, Fixed-Point Floer Cohomolgy, and a Zariski Conjecture
•  Paul FriggeAdvisor: Marco Martens    
   Renormalization Structure of Distortion Measures
•  Jin-Cheng GuuUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst , Visiting Asst. Professor Advisor: Alexander Kirillov    
   Topological Quantum Field Theory in Dimension Four
•  Jiahao HuThe Graduate Center City University of New York , PostDoc Research Associate Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   Invariants of Real Vector Bundles
•  Lisa MarquandNYU Courant Institue of Mathematical Sciences , Asst. Professor Advisor: Radu Laza    
   Symplectic Involutions: from Cubic Fourfolds to Hyperkahler
•  Mads VilladsenHumboldt Univerity , PostDoc Research Assistant Advisor: Christian Schnell    
   Non-Abelian Hodge Theory, Zeros of Holomorphic One - Forms, and Generic Vanishing
•  Yi WangAdvisor: Kenji Fukaya    
   Loop Spaces, Cyclic Homology, and the A-Infinity Algebra of a Lagrangian Submanifold
•  Siqing ZhangInstitute for Advanced Studies , PostDoc Advisor: Mark de Cataldo    
   Bott-Samelson-Demazure-Hansen Varieties for Projective Homogenous Varieties with Nonreduced Stabilizers

•  Qianyu ChenUniversity of Michigan , PostDoc Advisor: Christian Schnell    
   Limits of Hodge structures via D-modules
•  Jae Ho ChoMorgan Stanley , Foreign Exchange Option Strategist Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   On the Classification of Ancient solutions to the Ricci flow with Isotropic Curvature Condition
•  Matthew DannenbergUniversity of Rochester , Visting Asst. Professor Advisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   On Renormalization Methods in Dynamical Systems, Probability, and Statistical Physics
•  Mohamed El AlamiUniversity of Edinburgh , PostDoc Advisor: Mark McLean    
   SYZ for index 1 Fano hypersurfaces in projective space
•  Saman Habibi EsfahaniDuke University , Postdoc Advisor: Sir Simon Donaldson    
   Monopoles and Singularities
•  Yoon-Joo KimUniversity of Bonn , PostDoc Advisor: Radu Laza    
   Constructing dual Lagrangian fibrations of compact hyper-Kahler manifolds
•  Jordan RainoneMarathon Petroleum Corporation , Data Scientist Advisor: Marcus Khuri    
   Black Holes, Manifolds, and Codimension 2 Torus Symmetry
•  Tobias ShinUC Berkeley and Chicago , NSF Postdoctoral Scholar Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   Prismatic Cohomology and p-adic homotopy theory
•  Zhuang TaoKTH Royal Institute of Technology , PostDoc Advisor: Marco Martens    
   The Collet-Eckmann Laminations and Newhouse Dynamics
•  Jiasheng TehMcMaster University , PostDoc Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   On Moduli Spaces of Ricci-Flat 4-manifolds
•  Alexandra ViktorovaKU Leuven , PostDoc Advisor: Radu Laza    
   Singular cubic threefolds, and their cohomology
•  Ben WuGoldman Sachs , Quantitative Engineer Advisor: Mark de Cataldo    
   Hodge Numbers of O'Grady 6 Via Ngo Strings

•  El Mehdi AinasseAdvisor: Dror Varolin    
   A Twisted Complex Brunn-Minkowski Theorem with Applications
•  Frederik Benirschke ( University of Chicago , PostDoc Advisor: Samuel Grushevsky    
   Complex-linear subvarieties: Equations and degenerations
•  Jack Burkart ( University of Wisconsin-Madison , PostDoc Advisor: Chris Bishop    
   Transcendental Julia Sets with Fractional Packing Dimension
•  Nathan Chen ( Harvard and Columbia , Postdoc fellow Advisor: Robert Lazarsfeld    
   Measuring the Irrationality of Abelian Surfaces and Complete Intersections
•  Xujia Chen ( Harvard University , Junior Fellow Advisor: Aleksey Zinger    
   Real WDVV Relations for Symplectic 4-Manifolds
•  Dahye ChoAdvisor: Mark McLean    
   Symplectic Criteria on Stratified Uniruledness of Affine Varieties and Applications to the Minimal Model Program
•  Prithviraj Chowdhury ( Goldman Sachs , Associate Advisor: Jason Starr    
   On the Irreducibility of the Spaces of Stable Maps and Quasi-maps to a general Complete Intersection of Multi-degree satisfying a system of Polynomial Inequalities
•  Lisandra Hernandez-Vazquez ( Marathon Petroleum Corporation , Data Scientist Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   The Nirenberg Problem for Conical Singularities
•  Matthew Lam ( Elementus , Data Scientist Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   On the integrability and twistor theory of almost-grassmannian manifolds
•  Aleksandar Miivojevic ( Max Planck Institute for Mathematics Bonn , Postdoctoral Fellow Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   On the characterization of rational homotopy types and Chern classes of closed almost complex manifolds
•  Ying-Hong Tham ( Albert Einstein College of Medicine , Programmer C/Postdoc Advisor: Alexander Kirillov    
   On the Category of Boundary Values in the extended Crane-Yetter TQFT
•  Ruijie Yang ( Humboldt University of Berlin and Max Planck Institute for Mathematics , Post Doc Advisor: Robert Lazarsfeld/Christian Schnell    
   Decomposition Theorem for Semisimple Local Systems
•  Hang Yuan ( Northwestern University , Boas Assistant Professor Advisor: Kenji Fukaya    
   Family Floer program and non-archimedean SYZ mirror construction

•  Marlon De Oliveira Gomes ( Harobor Financial Management , research assistant Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Anti-self-dual Metrics from the Geometry of Plane Curves
•  Santai Qu ( Tshinghua University , PostDoc Advisor: Jason Starr    
   Pseudo-Néron model and Restriction of Sections
•  John Sheridan ( Princeton University , Lecturer of Mathematics Advisor: Robert Lazarsfeld    
   Divisor varieties and syzgies of symmetric products of curves
•  Yuhan Sun ( Rutgers University , Post Doc Advisor: Kenji Fukaya    
   Lagrangian submanifolds near Lagrangian spheres
•  Mu Zhao ( DiDi , Software Engineer Advisor: Mark McLean    
   Stein domains with Exotic Boundaries

•  Michael Albanese ( Universite du Quebec a Montreal , CIRGET Post Doc Fellow Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   The Yamabe Invariant of some Non-Kähler Surfaces
•  Zhongshan An ( University of Connecticut , Post Doc Position Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Ellipticity of Bartnik Boundary Data for Stationary Vacuum Spacetimes
•  Apratim Chakraborty ( Indian Statistical Institute , Post Doc Position Advisor: Olga Plamenevskaya    
   Transverse and concordance invariants from combinatorial link Floer homology
•  Xuemiao Chen ( University of Maryland , Post Doc Fellow Advisor: Song Sun    
   Singularities of Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections and the Harder-Narasihman-Seshadri filtration
•  Aleksander Doan ( University College London , Lecturer Advisor: Sir Simon Donaldson    
   Monopoles and Fueter Sections on Three-Manifolds
•  Silvia Ghinassi (silvia.ghinassi@gmail.ccom) Institute for Advanced Study , Member Advisor: Raanan Schul    
   Higher order rectifiability via Reifenberg theorems for sets and measures
•  Xuntao HuAdvisor: Samuel Grushevsky    
   Variational Formulas and Strata of Abelian Differentials
•  Jaroslaw Jaracz ( Texas State University , Lecturer Advisor: Marcus Khuri    
   The charged Penrose inequality for manifolds with cylindrical ends and relaed inequalities
•  Benjamin Sokolowsky ( Google , Software Engineer Advisor: Marcus Khuri    
   Extensions of the Mass-Angular Momentum Inequality in Mathematical Relativity
•  Selin Taskent ( Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   Rotationally Symmetric Kähler Metrics with Extremal Condition
•  Fangyu Zou ( Facebook Inc. , Applied Machine Learning Scientist Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   Monge-Ampere equation on the complement of a divisor and On the Chern-Yamabe flow

•  Robert Abramovic ( New York Institute of Technology , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Marcus Khuri    
   The Positive Mass Theorem with Charge Outside Horizon(s)
•  Edward Bryden ( Tubingen University , Postdoctoral Assistant Professor Advisor: Marcus Khuri    
   Stability of the positive mass theorem for axisymmetric manifolds
•  Yuan Gao ( University of Southern California , Assistant Professor (RTPC) of Mathematics Advisor: Kenji Fukaya    
   Lagrangian correspondences and functors in wrapped Floer theory
•  Shaosai Huang ( University of Wisconsin at Madison , Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   On the collapsing and convergence of Ricci flows and solitons
•  Cristian Minoccheri ( University of Michigan , Postdoctoral Assistant Professor Advisor: Jason Starr    
   On the Arithmetic of low degree Weighted Complete Intersections
•  Dyi-Sing Ou ( Polish Academy of Sciences , Assistant Professor Advisor: Marco Martens    
   Nonexistence of Wandering Domains for Infinitely Renormalizable Henon Maps
•  Harrison Pugh ( Notre Dame University , Postdoctoral Assistant Professor Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   The Vanishing of the First Chern Class for Simply Connected Complex Surfaces is a Quasiconformal Invariant
•  Joseph Thurman ( Goldman Sachs , Private Wealth Management Strategist Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Quaternionic Geometry and Special Holonomy

•  Gao Chen ( Institute for Advanced Study , Post Doc Position Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   Classification of gravitational instantons with faster than quadratic curvature decay
•  Xuan Chen ( Amazon , Software Engineer Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Bundles of Irreducible Clifford Modules and the Existence of Spin Structures
•  Fadi ElkhatibAdvisor: Claude LeBrun    
   On Conformally Kähler Einstein-Maxwell Metrics
•  Kirill Lazebnik ( Caltech , Post Doc Position Advisor: Christopher Bishop    
   Several Constructions in the Eremenko-Lyubich Class
•  James Mathews ( Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center , Research Scholar Advisor: Michael Movshev    
   Curve jets, submanifold families, and envelopes
•  Nissim Ranade ( Lafayette College , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   Algebraic methods in Topology and Applications
•  Chandrika Sadanand ( University of Illinois Urbana Champaign , Research Assistant Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   A Two Dimensional Description of Heegaard
•  David Stapleton ( UC San Diego , Post Doc Position Advisor: Robert Lazarsfeld    
   The Degree of Irrationality of Very General Hypersurfaces in Some Homogeneous
•  Dingxin Zhang ( Brandeis University , Post Doc Position Advisor: Jason Starr    
   Degeneration of slopes

•  Joseph Adams ( University of Toronto , Post Doc Position Advisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Infinitely primitively renormalizable polynominals of bounded type
•  Cameron Crowe ( CUNY-Grad Center NYC , Post Doc Position Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   Algebraic Structures with Structure Constants and Algebraic Homotopy
•  Jingchen NiuUniversity of Arizona , Postdoctoral Research Associate Advisor: Aleksey Zinger    
   A Sharp Compactness Theorem for Genus-Two Pseudo-Holomorphic Maps
•  Yu Zeng ( University of Rochester , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   Deformations of twisted cscK metrics
•  Zili Zhang ( Max Planck Institute at Bonn/Univ of Michigan at Ann Arbor , Post Doc Position Advisor: Mark de Cataldo    
   Multiplicativity of perverse filtration for Hilbert schemes of fibered surfaces

•  Ying ChiAdvisor: Marco Martens    
   On the route to chaos for two-dimensional modestly area-contracting analytic maps
•  Cheng Hao ( Google , Google Advisor: Mikhail Movshev    
   Regularized Geometry of the Loop Space
•  Tsung-Yin Lin ( Supstat Inc , Data Scientist Advisor: Marcus Khuri    
   On the local isometric embedding in R3 of surfaces with zero sets of Gaussian curvature forming cusp domains
•  Anibal Medina ( Stanford University , Postdoctoral Scholar Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   E-infinity comodules and topological manifold
•  Raquel Perales Aguilar ( Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico , Post Doc Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson/Christina Sormani    
   Convergence of Manifolds and Metric Spaces with Boundary
•  Yury SobolevAdvisor: Oleg Viro    
   Tritangents to Spherical Curves
•  Chengjian Yao ( Universite Libre de Bruxelles , Postdoctoral Research Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   Conical Kähler-Einstein Metrics and Its Applications

•  Seyed Ali Aleyasin ( Universite du Quebec a Montreal , Post Doc - CIRGET Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   Space of Kähler metrics on singular and non-compact manifolds
•  Anant Atyam ( American Express , Manager Advisor: Samuel Grushevsky    
   Affine stratifications and equivariant vector bundles on the moduli of principally ploarized abelian varieties
•  Ilya Elson ( Goldman Sachs Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Applications of the Seiberg-Witten equations to the Differential Geometry of non-compact Kähler manifolds
•  Patricio Gallardo ( University of Georgia Advisor: Radu Laza    
   On the moduli space of quintic surfaces
•  Steven Gindi ( University of Waterloo , Postdoctoral Fellow Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Holomorphic Twistor Spaces and Bihermitian Geometry
•  Mark Hughes ( Brigham Young University , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Oleg Viro    
   Braiding non-robbon surfaces and constructing broken fibrations on smooth 4-manifolds
•  Inyoung KimPohang University of Science and Technology Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Almost-Kähler Anti-Self-Dual Metrics
•  Long Li ( McMaster University , Post Doc Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   On the Uniqueness of singular Kaehler-Einstein metrics
•  Chaya Norton ( Centre des Recherches Mathematiques, Montreal , Post Doc Advisor: Samuel Grushevsky    
   Limits of Real-Normalized Differentials on Stable Curves
•  Lloyd Smith ( G-Research Advisor: Jason Starr    
   The Kontsevich Space of Rational Curves on Cyclic Covers of $\mathbb{P}^n$
•  Xiaojie Wang ( Advisor: Xiuxiong Chen    
   Uniqueness of Ricci Flow Solution on Non-compact Manifolds and Integral Scalar Curvature Bound
•  Jun Wen ( University of Massachusetts, Amherst , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   Shintani Zeta Functions and Weyl Group Multiple Dirichlet series
•  Xin Zhang ( Tel Aviv University , Post Doc Advisor: Alex Kontorovich/Alexander Kirillov, Jr.    
   On the Local-Global Principle for Apollonian-3 Circle Packings
•  Zheng Zhang ( Texas A&M , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Radu Laza    
   On the geometric and motivic realizations of variations of Hodge structure over Hermitian symmetric domains

•  Ye Sle Cha ( Freie Universitat Berlin , Dahlem research School Fellow (Postdoc) Advisor: Marcus Khuri    
   Deformations of Axially Symmetric Initial Data and the Angular Momentum-Mass Inequality
•  Shane DeMello ( Harish-Chandra Research Institute Advisor: Oleg Viro    
   Real rational curves of low degree
•  Panagiotis Gianniotis ( University of Warwick , research assistant Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   The Ricci flow on manifolds with boundary
•  Jan Gutt ( Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences , Assistant Professor Advisor: Jason Starr    
   Hwang-Mok rigidity of cominuscule homogeneous varieties in positive characteristic
•  Jonathan Hales ( Manchester Trading , Quantitative Trader Advisor: Olga Plamenevskaya    
   Exotic Four-Manifolds, Corks, and Heegaard Floer Homology
•  Kenneth Knox ( University of Tennessee Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Compactness Theorems for Riemannian Manifolds with Boundary and Applications
•  Jaepil Lee ( Advisor: Olga Plamenevskaya    
   Computation of Bordered Floer Invariant of (2,2n) Torus Link
•  Claudio Meneses ( Max Planck Institute for Mathematics , Post Doc Advisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   Kähler potentials on the Moduli space of stable parabolic bundles over the Riemann sphere
•  Vamsi Pingali ( Johns Hopkins University , JJ Sylvester Assistant Professor Math Advisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   On some computational and analytic aspects of Chern-Weil forms
•  Evan Wright ( Electronic Trading Group , Assistant Vice President Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Ricci-Flat Anti-Self-Dual Asymptotically Locally Euclidean 4-Manifolds
•  Matthew Wroten ( Penn State , Faculty Advisor: Dennis Sullivan/Moira Chas    
   The Eventual Gaussian Distribution of Self-Intersection Numbers on Closed Surfaces
•  Matthew Young ( University of Hong Kong , Institute for Mathematical Research Advisor: Michael Movshev    
   Self-dual Hall Modules
•  Yongsheng Zhang ( Northeast Normal University , Associate Professor Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Gluing Techniques in Calibrated Geometry

•  Benjamin Balsam ( Fordham University , Peter M. Curran Postdoctoral Fellow Advisor: Alexander Kirillov, Jr.    
   Turaev-Viro Theory as an Extended TQFT
•  Eitan Chatav ( AlephCloud Systems Advisor: Alexander Kirillov, Jr.    
   Representation Theory of Categorified Quantum sl2
•  Marcelo Disconzi ( Vanderbilt University , Assistant Professor Advisor: Marcus Khuri    
   Compactness and non-compactness for the Yamabe problem on manifolds with boundary
•  Caner Koca ( Vanderbilt University , Assistant Professor Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   On Conformal Geometry of Kähler Surfaces
•  Joseph Malkoun ( Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon , Assistant Professor Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Hyperkähler 4n-manifolds with n commuting quaternionic Killing fields
•  Alexandra Popa ( Rutgers University , Hill Assistant Professor Advisor: Aleksey Zinger    
   Two-Point Gromov-Witten Formulas for Symplectic Toric Manifolds
•  Ki SongBellarmine University , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   New Complex Coordinates on the Teichmüller Space of a Punctured Disk
•  Joseph Walsh ( Bethany College , Assistant Professor Advisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   On the Partition Function for CP1 Instatons on a Flat Torus
•  Yi Zhu ( University of Utah , University of Utah Advisor: Jason Starr    
   Homogeneous Fibrations over Curves

•  Somnath Basu ( Binghamton University , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   Transversal String Topology and Invariants of Manifolds
•  Christopher GreenBarclays, NYC , Quantitative Finance Advisor: Christopher Bishop    
   The Ahlfors Iteration for Conformal Mapping
•  Weixin Guo (thinkgum@hotmailcom) Interactive Brokers , Software Engineer Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Two Aspects of Sasakian Geometry
•  Ritwik Mukherjee (ritwik371@gmailcom) Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai , Postdoctoral Fellow Advisor: Aleksey Zinger    
   Enumerative Geometry via Topological Computations
•  Young Woo NamAdvisor: Marco Martens    
   Renormalization of Three Dimensional Hénon Map
•  Pedro Solorzano ( Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico , CONACYT Researcher Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson/Christina Sormani    
   Group norms and their degeneration in the study of Parallelism
•  Andrew Stimpson ( Institute for Advanced Study , member Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   Axioms for Differential Cohomology
•  Zhiyu Tian ( California Institute of Technology Advisor: Jason Starr    
   Symplectic geometry of rationally onnected threefolds
•  Luoying Weng ( Advisor: Oleg Viro    
   Isotopy Invariants of Immersed Surfaces in a 4-Manifold
•  Luca di Cerbo ( Duke University , Simons Fellowship Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Aspects of the Seiberg-Witten equations on manifolds with cusps

•  Anna Benini ( Universitat de Barcelone Advisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Non-recurrent dynamics in the exponential family
•  Robert Findley ( Goldman Sachs , Strategist Advisor: Jason Starr    
   Rational Curves in a Low Degree hypersurface of a Grassmannian Variety
•  Frederico Girao ( Universidade Federal do Ceara Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Orbifold Degeneration of Conformally Compact Einstein Metrics
•  Thomas Poole ( Bloomberg L.P. , Software Engineer Advisor: Marcus Khuri    
   The local isometric embedding problem for 3-dimensional Riemannian manifolds with cleanly vanishing curvature
•  Nathaniel Rounds ( Purdue University Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   Local Pioncare Duality

•  Andrew Bulawa ( Queensbororgh Community College , Assistant Professor Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Maximal Foliations in Spacetimes with Translational Symmetry
•  Michael Chance ( Vanderbilt University , Assistant Professor Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Degenerate Maxima in Hamiltonian systems
•  Davoud Cheraghi ( The University of Warwick , Marie Curie Research Fellow Advisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Dynamics of Complex Unicritical Polynomials
•  Ning Hao ( Princeton University , research assistant Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   D-bar Spark Theory and Deligne Cohomology
•  Stanislav Ostrovsky ( Field Street Capital Management , Quantitative Analyst Advisor: Dror Varolin    
   Weighted $L^2$ interpolation on Non-uniformly separated sequences
•  Jaimal Thind ( Queens University , Coleman Postdoctoral Fellow Advisor: Alexander Kirillov, Jr.    
   Categorical Combinatorial Constructions of A,D,E Root Systems

•  Daniel An ( SUNY Maritime , Assistant Professor Advisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   Complete Set of Eigenfunctions of the Quantum Periodic Toda Chain
•  Sarma Chandramouli ( Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan , Assistant Professor Advisor: Marco Martens    
   Renormalization and Non-Rigidity
•  Andrew Clarke ( Universidade Federal do Rio de janerio Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Rigidity of Minimal Submanifolds
•  Peter Hazard ( University of Toronto , PostDoc Advisor: Marco Martens    
   Henon-like Maps and Renormalisation
•  Yusuf Mustopa ( Tufts University , Norbert Wiener Asst Professor Advisor: Jason Starr/Sorin Popescu    
   The Effective Cone on Symmetric Powers of Curves
•  Tanvir Prince ( Hostos Community College, CUNY Advisor: Alexander Kirillov, Jr.    
   On the Lego-Teichmüller game for Finite G Cover
•  Yakov Savelyev ( Instituto de Ciencias Matematicas , PostDoc Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Quantum Characteristic Classes
•  Dezhen Xu ( Sichuan University , Post Doc Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   Configurations of Graphs and the Master Equation

•  Je-Wei Chen ( Temple University , Lecturer Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Neighborly Properties of Simplex Convex Polytopes
•  Xiaojun Chen ( University of Michigan Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   On a General Chain Model of the Free Loop Space and String Topology
•  Emiko Dupont ( Hymans Robertson LLP , Acturial trainee Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   A Symplectic Isotopy of a Product of Projective Spaces
•  Satyaki Dutta ( Mizuho Capital Markets Corp. , Vice President Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Rigidity of Conformally Compact Manifolds
•  Vincent Graziano ( Lafayette College , Assistant Professor Advisor: Alexander Kirillov, Jr.    
   On g-equivariant Fusion Categories and Extended Verlinde Formulae
•  Hrant Hakobyan ( University of Kansas , Tenured Associate Professor Advisor: Christopher Bishop    
   Conformal dimension of Cantor sets and curve families in the plane. Central sets of Hausdorff dimension 2.
•  Mustafa Kalafat ( University of Wisconsin at Madison , Van Vleck Assistant Professor Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Self-dual Metrics on 4-Manifolds
•  Tao Li ( Advisor: John Milnor    
   A Monotonicity Conjecture for the Entropy of Hubbard Trees
•  Luis LopezMax Planek Institute, Bonn Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Topics in Algebraic Cycles
•  Ivar Lyberg ( UC Lourain Advisor: Barry McCoy    
   Statistical mechanics of hard spheres and the two dimensional Ising lattice
•  Yu-Jen Shu ( UC at Santa Barbara , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Compact Complex Surfaces and Csck Metrics
•  Ibrahim Unal ( Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus , Professor Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Phi-Critical Submanifolds and Convexity in Calibrated Geometry

•  A. Coré Bianchi ( Advisor: Daryl Geller    
   Analogues of the Usual Pseudodifferential Calculus on the Heisenberg Group
•  Zhigang Han ( University of Massachusetts at Amherst , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Bi-Invariant norms on the group of symplectomorphisms
•  W. Patrick Hooper ( Northwestern University , Boa's Assistant Professor Advisor: Yair Minsky    
   On the stability of periodic billiards paths in triangles
•  Wenchuan Hu ( Massachusets Institute of Technology , C.L.E. Moore Instructor Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Algebraic Cycles and H. Blaine Lawson Homology
•  Li Li ( KIAS Korean Inst for Adv Study , Research (Fellow) Advisor: Mark de Cataldo    
   Chow Motive of Fulton-MacPherson configuration spaces and wonderful compactifications
•  Ioana Suvaina ( Vanderbilt University , Assistant Professor Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Einstein Metrics on Non-Simply Connected 4-Manifolds
•  Craig van Coevering ( Massachusets Institute of Technology Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Toric Surfaces and Sasakian-Einstein 5- manifolds

•  Carlos Cabrera Ocanas ( Fields Institute Advisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Towards Classification of laminations associated to quadratic polynomials
•  Joshua Friedman ( U.S. Merchant Marine Academy , Assistant Professor Advisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   The Selberg Trace Formula and Selberg zeta-function for confinite Kleinian groups with finite-dimensional unitary
•  Eduardo Gonzalez ( Rutgers University , Assistant Professor Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Quantum Cohomology and Symplectomorphism Type of $S^1$ - Manifolds with Isolated Fixed Point
•  Gregory Janks ( Sasaki Associates , Director of Sasaki Strategies Advisor: Scott Sutherland    
   Some remarks on Local Connectivity at the Feigenbaum Point
•  Mohammad Javaheri ( University of Oregon , Assistant Professor Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Conformally Compact Einstein metrics with symmetry in dimension 5
•  Young Deuk Kim ( Seoul National University , Faculty Advisor: Yair Minsky    
   The Thurston Boundary of Teichmüller Space and Complex of Curve
•  Yuan Liu ( Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Einstein Metrics of Positive Sectional Curvature on Weighted Projective Planes
•  Karyn Lundberg ( Massachusets Institute of Technology , Technical Staff Advisor: Christopher Bishop    
   A Theorem on the boundary behavior of a uniformly convergent sequence of conformal maps of the unit disk
•  Hossein Namazi ( Princeton University , Instructor Advisor: Yair Minsky    
   Heegaard Splittings and Hyperbolic Geometry
•  Zhaohu Nie ( Texas A&M University , Visiting Assistant Professor Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Karoubi's construction for motivic cohomology operations
•  Anca Radulescu ( University of Colorado, Boulder Advisor: John Milnor    
   The Connected Isentropes Conjecture in a Space of Quartic Polynomials
•  Rares Rasdeaconu (rares5@yahoolcom) Syddansk Universitet , Guest Researcher Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   On the topology and differential geometry of Kähler threefolds
•  Martin Reiris ( Massachusets Institute of Technology Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Aspects of the long time evolution in General Relativity and Geometrizations of Three-Manifolds
•  Jyh-Haur Teh ( National Tsing Hua University , Post Doc Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   A homology and cohomology theory for real projective varieties
•  Scott Wilson ( University of Minnesota , Dunham Jackson Assistant Professor Advisor: Dennis Sullivan    
   On the Algebra and Geometry of a Manifold's Chains and Cochains

•  Jason Alan Behrstock ( Barnard College, Columbia Univ , Assistant Professor Advisor: Yair Minsky    
   Asymptotic Geometry of the Mapping Class Group and Teichmüller Space
•  Ionut Chiose ( Max-Planck-Institut Fur Mathematik Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   On the Embedding of $q$ - complete Manifolds
•  Gordon Craig ( McGill/UQAM , Faculty Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Dehn Filling and Asymptotically Hyperbolic Einstein Manifolds
•  Dan Moraru ( Hamilton Hall, McMaster University , Faculty Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   A New Construction of Anti-Self-dual 4-manifolds
•  Sergei Panafidin ( University of Regina, Canada , Assistant Professor Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Nevanlinna Theory and Plucker Identities
•  Rogelio Valdez ( Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexic' , Post Doc Advisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Self-similarity of the Madelbrot Set and parabolic Bifurcation
•  Ming XuTsinghua University , Assistant Professor Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Bauer-Furuta Invariant and Cohomotopy Refined Ruberman Invariant

•  Mark Barsamian ( SUNY at Old Westbury , Faculty Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Normal Subgroups of the Symplectomorphism Group
•  Olguta Buse ( Michigan State Univ, Wells Hall , Faculty Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Relative Parametric Mikhael Gromov-Witten Invariants and Symplectomorphisms
•  Joseph Coffey ( Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences , Faculty Advisor: Dusa McDuff/Dennis Sullivan    
   A Symplectic Alexander Trick and Spaces of Symplectic Sections
•  Owen Dearricott ( Centre for Mathematics and its Applications , Faculty Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Canonical Variation and Positive Sectional Curvature
•  Andrew McIntyreAdvisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   Analytic torsion and Faddeev-Popov ghosts
•  Rodrigo Perez ( Cornell University , Faculty Advisor: John Milnor/Mikhail Lyubich    
   Dynamics of Quadratic Polynomials: Geometry and Combinatorics of the Principal Nest
•  Stephen Preston ( University of Pennsylvania , Lecturer Advisor: David Ebin    
   Eulerian and Lagrangian stability of fluid motions
•  Chanyoung Sung ( Korea Institute for Advanced Study , Research (Fellow) Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   On Generalizations of the Scalar Curvature
•  Lee-Peng Teo ( National Chiao Tung University , Assistant Professor Advisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   Kähler geometry of Moduli spaces and universal Teichmüller Space

•  Zsuzsana Gonye ( Eotvos Lorand University , Faculty Advisor: Christopher Bishop    
   The Dimensions of Escaping Geodesics
•  Peter Hennes ( Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Weierstrass Representations of Minimal Real Kähler Submanifolds
•  Stewart MandellRenaissance Technologies Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Invariants of Real k-planes in R(2n) under the Standard Action of U(n)
•  Kasra Rafi ( Advisor: Yair Minsky    
   Hyperbolic 3-manifolds and Geodesics in the Teichmüller Space
•  Harish Seshadri ( University of Oregon Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Einstein 4-Manifolds with Circle Actions

•  Silvia Anjos ( Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Homotopy Type of Selected Symplectomorphism Groups of $S^2 x S^2$
•  Scott GreenleafBoston University Advisor: Anthony Knapp    
   Decompositions of Group Actions on Symmetric Tensors

•  Leonor Godinho ( Instituto Superior Tecnico , Faculty Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Circle Actions on Symplectic Manifolds
•  Haydee Herrera-Guzman ( Rutgers University , Faculty Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Gromov Invariants of Symplectic Fibrations
•  Marc Ordower ( Texas A & M University Advisor: Ron Douglas    
   Hyperinvariant Subspaces and Structure Theory for K-tuples of Commuting Operators on Finite Dimensional Spaces
•  Pedro Santos ( Instituto Superior Tecnico , Assistant Professor Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Algebraic Cycles on Real Varieties and $Z_2$-Equivariant Homotopy Theory
•  Luisa StellingAdvisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Fixed Points of Non-Hamiltonian Symplectomorphisms
•  Saeed Zakeri ( Queens College of CUNY , Associate Professor Advisor: John Milnor    
   Dynamics of Cubic Siegel Polynomials
•  Heberto del Rio ( Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Seiberg-Witten Invariants of Non-Simple Type

•  Punita Batra ( Harish Chandra Research Institute , Mathematician, tenure track faculty position Advisor: Anthony Knapp    
   Invariants of Real Forms of Affine Kac-Moody Lie Algebras
•  Rukmini DeyUniverstiy of Texas at Austin Advisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   A Dimensional Reduction of the Seiberg-Witten Equations and Geometric Quantization
•  Benjamin Hinkle ( Advisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Parbolic Limits of Renormalization
•  Neil Katz ( New York City College of Technology , Faculty Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   On the Filling Volume of Riemannian Manifolds
•  Jaeman KimAdvisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Einstein-Thorpe Manifolds
•  Leonid Koralov ( Princeton University , Assistant Professor Advisor: James Glimm    
   Transport By Random Stationary Flows
•  Janko Latschev ( Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Hamburg , Professor Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   A Generalization of the Morse Complex
•  Regina RotmanAdvisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Upper Bounds on the Length of the Shortest Closed Geodisc on Simply Connected Manifolds
•  Jennifer Slimowitz ( National Science Foundation , Program Officer-National Academies on the Board of Mathematical Sciences and their Applications Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Positive Paths and Length Minimizing Geodesics in Hofer's Geometry
•  Rongwei YangUniversity of Georgia, Athens Advisor: Ron Douglas    
   Hardy Modules

•  Carlos FlorentinoAdvisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   On Schottky vector bundles overr Riemann Surfaces
•  Paul FriedmanUniversity of Aarhus Advisor: Anthony Knapp    
   Langlands Parameters of Subquotients of Derived Functor Modules
•  Jan Kiwi ( P. Universidad Catolica de Chile , Assistant Professor Advisor: John Milnor    
   Rational Rays and Critical Portraits of Complex Polynomials
•  Erica KlarreichAdvisor: Yair Minsky    
   Semiconjagacies between Kleinian group actions on the Riemann sphere
•  Gideon Maschler ( University of Toronto , Mathematician Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Distinguished Kähler Metrics & Equivariant Cohomological Invariants
•  Jimmy PeteanCIMAT , Senior Researcher Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Indefinite Kähler-Einstein Metrics on Compact Complex Surfaces
•  Joseph SchaeferAdvisor: Leon Takhtajan    
   Stochastic Analog of the Selberg Trace Formula
•  Abdellah Sebbar ( University of Ottawa , Associate Professor Advisor: Anthony Knapp    
   Quantum Groups, Screening Operators, & Universal q-de Rham Cycles
•  Myong-Hee SungAdvisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Kähler Metrics of Positive Scalar Curvature on Ruled Surfaces
•  Mikhail YampolskyUniversity of Toronto , Professor Advisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Complex bounds for renormalization of one-dimensional dynamical systems

•  Robert Donley ( Pace University , Assistant Prof of Math Advisor: Anthony Knapp    
   Intertwining Operators into Cohomology Representations for Semisimple Lie Groups
•  Christopher HeckmanAdvisor: Marie-Louise Michelsohn    
   Monotonicity & the Construction of Quasiconformal Conjugacies in the Real Cubic Family
•  Seungsu HwangAdvisor: Michael Anderson    
   Characterizations of Various Classes of Einstein Metrics
•  Thalia Jeffres ( Universidad Michoacana , Faculty Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson/Gang Tian    
   Kähler-Einstein Cone Metrics
•  Wladyslaw LorekAdvisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Generalized Cauchy-Riemann Operators in Symplectic Geometry
•  Peng LuUniv of Oregon Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson/Gang Tian    
   A Rigorous Definition of Fiberwise Quantum Cohomology & Equivariant Quantum Cohomology
•  Carlos Marques ( SUNY, Farmingdale , Tenured Assoc Prof Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Self-Dual HI-Cellular Structures
•  LeRoy WenstromAdvisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Scaling Laws for Quadratic Maps

•  Renee BurtonAdvisor: Anthony Knapp    
   Irreducible Tempered Representations of the Special Linear Group over a P-Adic Field
•  Derek Gordon ( Rockefeller University - Box 192 , Assistant Prof Statistical geneticist Advisor: Anthony Knapp    
   Quaternionic Discrete Series of Semisimple Lie Groups
•  Jaroslaw KwapiszGeorgia Institute of Technology Advisor: John Milnor    
   Rotation Sets of Entropy
•  Gang LiuAdvisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Associativity of Quantum Multiplication
•  Helen Moore ( University of Florida College of Medicine , Associate Professor Advisor: Michael Anderson    
   Minimal Submanifolds With Various Curvature Bounds
•  Darko MrakovcicAdvisor: Claude LeBrun    
   On Encryption of Infinitesimal Neighbourhoods in Geometric Invariants of Conic Structure on the Space of Nearby Submanifolds
•  Sunil Nair ( Mathematics & Statistics, CRC Press , Publisher Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Singularities of Bundle Maps & Geometric Residue Theorems
•  Eduardo PradoAdvisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Conformal Measures in Polynomial Dynamics
•  Eduardo ReyesAdvisor: Bernard Maskit    
   The Deformation Spaces of Certain Subgroups of Kleinian Groups
•  Simon RichardAdvisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Hofer's Geometry on Compact Surfaces
•  Robert StingleyAdvisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Singularities of Maps Between 4-Manifolds
•  Brian YarringtonAdvisor: Mikhail Lyubich    
   Local Connectivity and Lebesgue Measure of Polynomial Julia Sets
•  Gabjin YunAdvisor: Michael Anderson    
   Fundamental Groups of Riemannian Manifolds, Sigma Constant and Scalar Curvature
•  Chaohui ZhangAdvisor: Irwin Kra    
   On Teichmüller & Bers Fiber Spaces
•  Jian Zhou ( Tsinghua University , Professor Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Connected Sums of Self-Dual Orbifolds

•  Carlos DuranAdvisor: Detef Gromoll    
   On the Geodesic Flow of Zoll Manifolds
•  Xinhui JiangAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   An Index Theorem on Foliated Bundles
•  Steven Kraseski (stevenIrwin Advisor: Nicolas Teleman    
   Homology of Generalized Piecewise Differentiable Currents on a Combinatorial Manifolds
•  Alan McRaeAdvisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Darboux Theorems for Pairs of Sub-manifolds
•  Pedro OntanedaBinghamton University , Professor Advisor: Lowell Jones    
   Some Examples of Spaces with Non-Positively Curved and Negatively Curved Exotic Triangulations
•  Edward TaylorAdvisor: Bernard Maskit    
   On Volumes of Convex Cores Under Algebraic and Geometric Convergence

•  Pablo Ares Gastesi ( TATA Inst. of Fundamental Research , Research (Fellow) Advisor: Irwin Kra    
   On Teichmüller Spaces of b-Groups with Torsion
•  Pawel Gajer ( U Maryland School of Medicine , Research Associate Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   The Intersection Dold-Thom Theorem
•  Adam Harris ( University of New England , Lecturer Advisor: Marie-Louise Michelsohn/Henry Laufer    
   Structure Jumping in Holomorphic Families
•  François LamontagneAdvisor: Michael Anderson    
   Critical Metrics for the $L^2$-norm of the Curvature Tensor
•  Peter MiegomAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   K-theory Index of Dirac Extensions with Periodic Multipliers on a universal cover
•  Alfredo PoirierPontifical University of Peru , Professor Advisor: John Milnor    
   On Postcriticially Finite Polynomials
•  Janet Woodland ( University of Arkansas , Clinical Asst Professor Advisor: Anthony Phillips    
   Transition Functions for Monopole-Free Abelian Lattice Gauge Fields on the Torus

•  Gregório BessaAdvisor: Michael Anderson    
   Differentiable Sphere Theorems for Ricci Curvature
•  Sorin DragomirUniversity of Basilicata , Professor Advisor: C. Denson Hill    
   CR Maps between Strictly Pseudoconvex CR Manifolds, Interpolation Manifolds, and CR Foliations
•  Enrique ElizondoCiudad Univ. UNAM Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   The Euler-Chow Series for Toric Varieties
•  Donggeng Gong ( Advisor: Joel Pincus    
   $L^2$-Analytic Torsions, Equivariant Cyclic Cohomology and the Novikov Conjecture
•  Francisco LutteckeAdvisor: Peter Szusz    
   Summability of Subsequences
•  Gerard MisiolekUniversity of Notre Dame Advisor: David Ebin    
   Stability of Flows of Ideal Fluids and the Geometry of the Group of Diffeomorphisms
•  Lisa Traynor ( Bryn Mawr College , Associate Professor Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Symplectic Embeddings of Balls and the Mapping Problem
•  Dechao ZhengAdvisor: Joel Pincus    
   Toeplitz and Hankel Operators on the Bergman Space of Bounded Symmetric Domains & the Bargman-Fock-Segal Spaces, & Some Disk Algebras
•  Shaojie ZhouAdvisor: Joel Pincus    
   Singular Integral Operators, Contraction Operators & Principal Currents

•  James AndersonAdvisor: Bernard Maskit    
   Mixing Elements Into Kleinian Groups
•  Ruben Hidalgo ( Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria , Faculty Advisor: Bernard Maskit    
   On Schottky Groups with Automorphisms
•  Jongsu KimTheo Physics Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   On a Class of 4-Dimensional Minimum Energy Metrics & Hyperbolic Geometry
•  Mei-man LeeAdvisor: David Ebin    
   Solutions & Hamiltonian Structure for Quasi-geostrophic Flow
•  Zhong-dong LiuAdvisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   Nonnegative Ricci Curvature Near Infinity & Geometry of Ends
•  Andrew McHugh ( Zayed University, Abu Dhabi , Professor Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   The Space of Super Light Rays For Complex Conformal Spacetimes
•  Gabriel PaternainUniversity Cambridge and Fellow of Trinity College Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Geometric & Topological Properties of Manifolds with Completely Integrable Geodesic Flows
•  Susan SlomeHofstra University Advisor: Nicolas Teleman    
   On the Lefschetz Fixed Point Theorem & Some of its Extensions
•  Guoliang Yu (guoliangyu [AT] Texas A&M University , Distinquished Professor Advisor: Ron Douglas    
   K Theoretic Indices of Dirac Type Operators on Complete Manifolds & the Roe Algebra
•  Jinguo Yu ( Advisor: David Ebin    
   The Euler Equations of an Incompressible Ideal Fluid in a High-dimensional Bounded Region

•  Guihua GongAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   Smooth Extensions for Finite CW Complexes and Index Theory
•  Brian KasperAdvisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Examples of Symplectic Structures on Fiber Bundles
•  Tsz-Kin LamAdvisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Spaces of Real Algebraic Cycles and Homotopy Theory
•  Xiao-Chun RongRutgers University , Professor Advisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   Collapsed 3-manifolds and rationality of limiting $\eta$-invariants
•  Zhongmin Shen ( Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ , Professor Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Finite Topological Type and Vanishing Theorems for Riemannian Manifolds
•  Delin TanAdvisor: Irwin Kra    
   On Generalizations of Jorgensen's Inequality for Kleinian Groups & Some Topics on Quasiconformal Extension
•  Xueqi ZengConcordia College Advisor: Marie-Louise Michelsohn    
   Clifford Cohomology and Kähler Geometry
•  Shun-hui ZhuAdvisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   Bounding Topology by Ricci Curvature in Dimensioin Three

•  Haiwen ChenAdvisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   A Rigidity Theorem for $CP^m$, 4-manifolds with 2-Nonnegative Curvature Operator, etc.
•  Eleonora CirizaUniversity of Rome III Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   The Symplectic Structure of Submanifolds of Kähler Manifolds of Nonpositive Curvature
•  Xian-Zhe DaiUniversity of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) , Professor Advisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   Adiabatic Limit, Non-multiplicativity and Leray Spectral Sequence
•  Peter DolanAdvisor: Joel Spencer    
   Spanning Structures and Undecidability in Random Graphs
•  Bizhong HuAdvisor: Lowell Jones    
   h-Cobordisms Over Certain Nonpositively Curved Spaces
•  Paulo Lima FilhoTexas A&M University Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Homotopy Groups of Cycle Spaces
•  Kevin PayneUniversity of Miami Advisor: Michael Taylor    
   Smooth Tame Frechet Algebras & Lie Groups of Pseudodifferential Operators
•  Lawrence PolinAdvisor: Daryl Geller    
   Pseudodifferential Operators on Nilpotent Lie Groups with Dilations
•  Massimiliano PontecorvoUniversity of Rome III , Professor Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   On Twistor Spaces of Anti-Self-Dual Hermitian Surfaces
•  Mark Thornber ( Advisor: Claude LeBrun    
   Vanishing Theorems for Quaternionic Kähler Manifolds
•  Guofang Wei ( University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) , Professor Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Aspects of Positively Ricci Curved Spaces: New Examples & the Fundamental Group

•  Alan HorwitzMarshall University Advisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Foliations with Ehresmann Connections
•  Marcelo LlarullWilliam Paterson University Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Sharp Estimate and Dirac Operator
•  Efton Park ( Texas Christian University , Professor Advisor: Ron Douglas    
   The Index Theory of Toeplitz Operators on the Skew Quarter Plane
•  Freddie Santiago ( University of PR at Mayaguez , Faculty Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   The Willmore Problem
•  Walter VanniniAdvisor: Detef Gromoll    
   On the Global Influence of Conjugate Points
•  Donald YorkUniversity of Papua Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   On the Global Geometry of Complete Open Surfaces of Nonnegative Curvature

•  Ara BasmajianUniversity of Oklahoma Advisor: Bernard Maskit    
   Hyperbolic Invariants for Infinitely Generated Fuchsian Groups
•  Bonaventure LooAdvisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Branched Superminimal Surfaces in $S^4$
•  Irina NeymotinAdvisor: Michael Taylor    
   Zeta-Function of Subelliptic Differential Operators
•  Monica PetriAdvisor: Michio Kuga    
   Arithmetric Classification of Families of Abelian Varieties of Quaternion Type
•  Gerard Walschap ( University of Oklahoma , Professor Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   On 4-Dimensional Manifolds on Nonnegative Curvature

•  Jharna Dana ( Elizabeth City State University , Professor Advisor: Irwin Kra    
   Projective Structures on Riemann Surfaces
•  Rong-hui JiAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   On the Crossed Product C*-Algebras Associated with Furstenberg Transformations
•  Lisa KochNorthestern University , Assistant Dean of Computer Technology Advisor: C. Denson Hill/Claude LeBrun    
   Chains and Lorentz Geometry
•  Ji-Ping ShaIndiana University Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   P-Convexity of Manifolds with Boundary
•  Da-Gang YangTulane University Advisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   A Residue Theorem for Secondary Invariants of Collapsed Riemannian Manifolds

•  Salman AbdulaliEast Carolina University Advisor: Michio Kuga    
   Absolute Hodge Cycles in Michio Kuga Fiber Varieties
•  Harvey HensleyAdvisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   Equivariant Reidemeister Torsion
•  Gary KerbaughCollege in NC Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Surfaces of Constant Mean Curvature one in Hyperbolic Space
•  Demir KupeliAdvisor: John Thorpe    
   On Null Hypersurfaces & Spacelike Surfaces in Spacetimes

•  Rodney CarrAdvisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Manifolds of Positive Scalar Curvature. Yang-Mills Fields-the Kalusa-Klein Model
•  Víctor Cortés ( P. Universidad Catolica de Chile , Facultad De Matematicas Advisor: Peter Szusz    
   On the Smoothness of the Limiting Distribution Functions for Additive Functions
•  Aparna Dar ( Indian Institute of Technology , Assistant Prof of Math Advisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   Intersection R-Torsion & Analytic Torsion for Pseudomanifolds
•  Zhiyong GaoRice University Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   Applications of Minimal Surfaces Theory to Topology & Riemannian Geometry Constructions of Negative Ricci Curved Manifolds
•  Blaise HeltaiAdvisor: Bernard Maskit    
   Involutions & Torsion Subgroups of Fuchsian Groups
•  Dipendra Sengupta ( Elizabeth City State University , Professor Advisor: Irwin Kra    
   On Cohomology of Kleinian Groups

•  Om AgrawalAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   Invariant Subspaces of Shift Operators for the Quarter Plane
•  John HurleyAdvisor: Chih-Han Sah    
   The Schur Multiplier on the Exceptional Lie Group $G_2$
•  Min-ho Lee ( University of Northern Iowa , Professor Advisor: Michio Kuga    
   Conjugation of Group Theoretical Abelian Schemes Over an Arithmetic Variety
•  Ira MoskowitzAdvisor: Dusa McDuff    
   Volume Preserving Foliations & Diffeomorphism Groups
•  Troels PetersenAdvisor: Michio Kuga    
   On the Geometry of Abelian Schemes over Arithmetic Varieties
•  Dayal PurohitAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   Curvature Inequality & Certain Toeplitz-like Operators
•  William RosenthalAdvisor: Leonard Charlap    
   On the Cohomology of Lie Algebra Extensions
•  Li-Yeng SungAdvisor: Michael Taylor    
   Gaussian Beams
•  Jingbo Xia ( SUNY at Buffalo , Associate Professor Advisor: Joel Pincus    
   Traces, Indices & Spectral Theory of Toeplitz Operators on Multiply Connected Domains
•  Sebastiao de Almeida ( Universidade Federal do Ceara Brazil , Professor Advisor: H. Blaine Lawson    
   The Geometry of Manifolds of Nonnegative Scalar Curvature

•  Arthur ChouAdvisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   The Dirac Operator on Singular Spaces
•  Oguz Durumeric ( Univesity of Iowa , Faculty Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Manifolds with Almost Equal Diameter and Injectivity Radius
•  Iris Hayslip CappellucciAdvisor: Leonard Charlap    
   Characteristic Classes for Modules over Cyclic Groups
•  Yoe ItokawaFukuoka Institute of Technology Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   On Certain Riemannian Manifolds with Positive Ricci Curvature
•  Chung-hyuk KangAdvisor: Henry Laufer    
   Normal Two Dimensional Triple Point Singularities
•  Gadadhar MisraIndian Statistical Institute Advisor: Ron Douglas    
   Curvature Inequalities and Extremal Properties of Bundle Shifts
•  John MitchellAdvisor: Mikhael Gromov    
   A Local Study of Carnot-Caratheodory Metrics
•  Perry SusskindConnecticut College Advisor: Bernard Maskit    
   On Kleinian Groups with Intersecting Limit Sets
•  Julio Vidaurrazaga ( University of Puerto Rico , Professor Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Biquotients of Compact Lie Groups and Their Curvature

•  Susan AddingtonCalifornia State University Advisor: Michio Kuga    
   Families of abelian varieties of non-Satake type, over a quotient of a product of upper-half planes
•  I-Ping ChuAdvisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Riemannian Fibrations of Euclidean Spaces
•  Andrew HaasUniversity of Connecticut Advisor: Bernard Maskit    
   Groups of Automorphisms of Riemann Surfaces
•  Lih-Hsing HsuAdvisor: Joel Spencer    
   Montone multiplicative graph functions and dependence of tree copy functions
•  Paul IngramAdvisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Extension aspects and new examples of positively curved Ricci manifolds

•  Daniel CassAdvisor: Anthony Phillips    
   Recurrent leaves in folliations
•  Michael NiemeyerAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   C*-algebras generated by commuting isometries
•  Mouw-Ching Tjiok ( Advisor: Michio Kuga    
   Algebraic cycles in a certain fiber variety

•  Frank EisenbergAdvisor: David Ebin    
   Spectrum of the Random Walk on the Fundamental Group
•  Daniel GalloSt. John's University Advisor: Irwin Kra    
   Uniformization of hyperelliptic surfaces
•  Gail KaplanAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   On quasi-triangularity of commuting pairs of Operators
•  Ping-Ching LueAdvisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   Asymptotic expansion of the trace of the heat kernel on generalized surfaces of revolution
•  Scott O'HareAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   Spectral invariance for Normal operators under trace class perturbations
•  Richard TaylorAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   On the subalgebras of continuous function lying between $A(d^n)$ and $C(T^n)$

•  James BasileAdvisor: Bernard Maskit    
   Commutators of Hyperbolic Motions
•  Ching-Yu ChuAdvisor: Jack Morava    
   Localization of Complex Projective Space
•  Raul Curto ( University of Iowa , Faculty Advisor: Ron Douglas    
   Fredholm and invertible tuples of bounded linear operators
•  Michael JacksonAdvisor: Mikhael Gromov    
   Singularities, Branched Coverings, and Characteristic Classes
•  Mahmoud KutkutAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   Weak Closure of the Unitary Orbit of Operators

•  Gary Aviv ( Intec Telecom Systems , Software Engineer Advisor: Elvira Strasser    
   On the isomorphism problem for group presentations
•  Douglas ElerathAdvisor: Jeff Cheeger    
   Nonnegatively curved manifolds diffeomorphic to Euclidian Space
•  Henry FriedelAdvisor: Stanley Osher    
   One conservation law in one space variable
•  Leonard GamblerAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   A study of rational toeplitz operators
•  James GentilescoAdvisor: Irwin Kra    
   Automorphisms of the deformation space of a Kleinian Group
•  Marc GordonAttention: Marc Gordon Advisor: Leonard Charlap    
   The cobordism of compact flat riemannian manifolds
•  Stephen Kronwith ( Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Convex riemannian manifolds of non-negative curvatures
•  Charles PattonAdvisor: James Ax    
   Classification of relativistic n-particle dynamics
•  Andrew Rockett ( CW Post-Long Island University , Professor Advisor: Peter Szusz    
   The metrical theory of continued fractions to the nearer inte

•  Daniel BakerAdvisor: James Simons    
   On a class of foliations and the evaluation of their characteristic classes
•  Anne Burns ( Long Island University , Faculty Advisor: Stanley Osher    
   Difference approximations to initial boundary value problems
•  Fwu-Ranq Chang ( Indiana University , Associate Professor Advisor: Bernard Maskit/Irwin Kra    
   Automorphic functions
•  Bruce Dodson ( Lehigh University , Associate Professor Advisor: Michio Kuga    
   Dirichlet series associated to affine manifolds
•  Kayikkalthoppu George ( Oklahoma State University , Professor Advisor: Bernard Maskit    
   Two generator subgroups of PSL(2,C)
•  Hua-Min HuangNat. Central University Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Pinching of Riemannian manifolds
•  Michael KazlowPace University Advisor: C. Denson Hill    
   Extending CR functions
•  Igor KrolAdvisor: Stanley Osher    
   Boundary problems for non-linear elliptic equations
•  Ira Shavel ( Charles River Associates , Vice President - Charles River Associates Advisor: Michio Kuga    
   On surfaces obtained from quaternion algebras over real quadratic fields
•  Victor TupitsynAdvisor: Joel Pincus    
   The distribution connected with the dynamical system generated by semi-group of rotations
•  Stephen YauAdvisor: Henry Laufer    
   Normal two dimensional elliptic
•  Stanley ZoltekGeorge mason University Advisor: John Thorpe    
   On the zeros of non-negative curvature operators

•  Chidambaram AlimoolamBharathidasan Univ Palkalaiperur Campus Advisor: Michael David Fried    
   Moduli of polarized abelian varieties and complex multiplications
•  Ignacio GuerreroAdvisor: Irwin Kra    
   On moduli of multiple connected plain domains
•  Pusparaj KanungoAdvisor: Henry Laufer    
   Classification of some two-dimensional singularities
•  Stephen KudlaUniversity of Maryland Advisor: Michio Kuga    
   Real points on algebraic varieties defined by quaternion algebras
•  Gerard McDonaldLoyola University of Chicago Advisor: Ron Douglas    
   A class of toeplitz operators
•  Rabindra PatnaikAdvisor: Elvira Strasser    
   Isomorphism classes of knot-like group
•  Mark WolffAdvisor: Bernard Maskit    
   Conformal structures on 3-manifolds

•  Allan AdlerAdvisor: Michio Kuga    
   Complex conjugations of Michio Kuga's varieties
•  Paul Ehrlich ( University of Florida , Professor Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Metric deformations of Ricci and sectional curvature on compact Riemannian manifolds
•  Harris Jaffee ( Johns Hopkins University , Senior systems analyst/Database Administrator Advisor: Michio Kuga    
   Real forms in hermitian symmetric spaces
•  Ranjan Roy ( Beloit College , Professor Advisor: Irwin Kra    
   Deformations of Fuchsian groups
•  Karanbir SarkariaPanjab University Advisor: Anthony Phillips    
   The DeReham cohomology of foliated manifolds

•  David Heisler ( Advisor: Leonard Charlap    
   On the cohomology of Modules over the Kleinian groups
•  Catarina KiefeAdvisor: James Ax    
   On the rationality of the zeta-function of a set definable over a finite field
•  Raymond McCartneyAdvisor: Elvira Strasser    
   Algorithm for the solution of the word for ...
•  Rathindra MukherjeeUniversity of Burdwan Advisor: Joel Pincus    
   Symmetric singular integral operators
•  Walter PoorAdvisor: Detef Gromoll    
   Some result of non-negatively curved manifolds
•  Ira ToppingAdvisor: Elvira Strasser    
   Free generators and the free differential calculus

•  Rita HallAdvisor: Michio Kuga    
   Montjoy's abelian varieties and higher Jacobian varieties
•  Joel HarkowAdvisor: Elvira Strasser    
   On plane Cayley diagrams
•  Horatio Hernandez121 Aquiles Advisor: Detef Gromoll    
   A class of compact manifolds with positive Ricci curvature
•  Swadeenananda PattanayakAdvisor: Ron Douglas    
   On Toeplitz operators on quarter plane with matrix value symbols
•  Joseph SeifAdvisor: Stanley Osher    
   On the Green's function for the Biharmonic equations in an infinite wedge

•  Christine Beaucage ( Advisor: William Fox    
   A proper PL map, locally trivial in the domain, is a PL fibre bundle map
•  Richard CareyAdvisor: Joel Pincus    
   Eigenfunctions on expansions and the Friedrich's method
•  Sang-Moon KimSeoul National University Advisor: Irwin Kra    
   The cohomology of extended Kleinian groups and automorphic forms
•  Kitty LungAdvisor: Peter Szusz    
   On Muntz-Jackson's Theorem
•  Ann StehneyAdvisor: John Thorpe    
   The Grassman quadratic p-relations and curvatures
•  Ok YoonAdvisor: Hershel Farkas    
   Period relations on compact Riemannian surfaces

•  Karl KleeJamestown Communnity College Advisor: Peter Szusz    
   Summability of sequences
•  Louis PignoKansas State University Advisor: Raouf Doss    
   Some multiple problems in Fourier analysis on groups
•  Herbert RothAdvisor: Peter Szusz    
   Limit theorems for continuous fractions

•  David Beaucage ( Advisor: William Barcus    
   The mod p Cohomology structure of certain fibre spaces
•  Allan Edelson ( University of California , Professor Advisor: William Barcus    
   Real vector bundles and spaces with free involution
•  Sandra Monteferrante ( Dowling College , Professor Advisor: Peter Szusz    
   Distribution Modulo one of the sequences {na}