Faculty are available to help plan students' academic programs and answer questions about the mathematics program. Unless otherwise noted, the faculty member listed will be available in the Undergraduate Office at the times listed below (subject to change). In addition, some faculty members and graduate students hold hours in the Math Learning Center, where they are available for advice and help with mathematics problems, as well as regular office hours.

The Undergraduate Office of the Mathematics Department is in room P-143 of the Mathematics Tower.

10:00am Mikhail Movshev  Christian Schnell    
10:30am Mikhail Movshev  Christian Schnell    
11:00amLowell Jones     Raanan Schul  
11:30amLowell Jones  Samuel Grushevsky   Moira Chas  Raanan Schul  
12:00pmDavid Kahn  Samuel Grushevsky   Moira Chas   
12:30pmDavid Kahn  Anthony Phillips     
1:00pmJason Starr  Anthony Phillips   Scott Sutherland  Mark McLean  
1:30pmLisa Berger
Jason Starr  
Mark Andrea De Cataldo   Scott Sutherland  Mark McLean  
2:00pmLisa Berger  Mark Andrea De Cataldo     
3:00pmAleksey Zinger    Kevin Sackel   
3:30pmAleksey Zinger    Kevin Sackel   
4:00pm Alaa Abd-el-Hafez   William Bernhard   
4:30pm Alaa Abd-el-Hafez   William Bernhard