Exam Information for Math 125

Spring 2018

As it says on the course syllabus, there are two midterms and a final in MAT125, which count for 25%, 25%, and 35% of your grade, respectively. No Make-up exams will be given. If you miss an exam due to a documented medical or family reason, that score will be replaced by the grade on the balance of the course. If you miss more than one exam for such reasons, you should probably withdraw from the course.

First Midterm: 8:45 pm on Monday, February 19, 2018

Bring a photo ID. No calculators will be allowed. Bring a pen to the exam: while you may do the midterm in pencil (or crayon), you can only contest grading of problems done in non-erasable ink. Sorry.

The midterm covers material in Chapter 2 of the text (through 2.6), with knowledge of chapter 1 and Appendix A, B, and C assumed as background.
Doing all of the homework problems prior to the exam is a very good idea. Doing additional problems from the text can be helpful.

In order to help you review and prepare, David Kahn has kindly allowed us to use some chapters from his AP Calculus book:

You can watch the video of a review session from a previous semester. While this was a different semester , the material covered is pretty much the same.
There are also review sessions being held at the following times:

You should be able to do the problems on the exams from previous semesters that you see below. (A few of these have material from later sections that we haven't covered yet.) Note that our exam will have different problems, in possibly different formats, from any of these old exams. "Different" doesn't mean the same with just a number changed. Still, they should give you an idea of the range and difficulty to expect.
Solutions will show up here later in the week. Try doing them first.

Just in case that isn't enough to keep you busy, here are a bunch of practice problems that David Kahn wrote up (and here are their solutions).

Exam Locations:
The midterm will be in a variety of rooms, depending on which recitation you are in. These are listed below.

Javits 100 Alexandra Viktorova (R01, R35),
Stephanie Salvator (R04, R06),
David Hu (R07),
Yu Li (R22, R30),
John Sheridan (R23)
David Kahn Lec 01 (R01, R04, R06, R07),
Scott Sutherland Lec 02 (R22, R23),
Robert Andersen Lec 03 (R30, R35)
Javits 102 Holly Chen (R21, R31, R36)
Scott Sutherland Lec 02 (R21),
Robert Andersen Lec 03 (R31, R36)
Javits 110 Vardan Oganesyan (R03)
Aleksandar Milivojevic (R24, R33)
Harrison Pugh (R34)
David Kahn Lec 01 (R03),
Scott Sutherland Lec 02 (R24),
Robert Andersen Lec 03 (R33, R34)
ESS 001 Qianyu Chen (R02)
Prithviraj Chowdhury (R05, R32)
Silvia Ghinassi (R20)
David Kahn Lec 01 (R02, R05),
Scott Sutherland Lec 02 (R20),
Robert Andersen Lec 03 (R32)

Second Midterm: 8:45 pm on Thursday, March 29, 2018

The second midterm will cover the material we have covered since the first exam:

As before, David Kahn has kindly posted some chapters from his book to help you prepare:

You can watch the video of a review session from spring 2015. This doesn't include material on related rates or max/min of functions, but will be helpful anyway.

Final Exam: during the week of April 23, and 8 am on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The final will be cumulative, covering everything that we have done in the class.

The final is always everybody's favorite . and that's all I have to say about that.

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