Title: Calculus IV with Applications

Description: Homogeneous and inhomogeneous linear differential equations; systems of linear differential equations; series solutions; Laplace transforms; Fourier series. Applications to economics, engineering, and all sciences with emphasis on numerical and graphical solutions; use of computers. May not be taken for credit in addition to AMS 361, MAT 305, or MAT 308.

Prerequisite: C or higher in MAT 127 or 132 or 142 or AMS 161 or level 9 on the mathematics placement examination


Credits: 4


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Major Topics Covered: 

  • First-order ODEs
  • Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions
  • Separable Equations
  • Population Growth, Logistic Equation
  • General N-th Order Linear Equation and Initial Value Problem
  • Wronskian
  • Solving Linear Equations with Constant Coefficients Using Characteristic Equation
  • Method of Variation of Parameters
  • Linear Systems of First-order ODE
  • Matrix Exponents

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