Math53: Ordinary Differential Equations

Stanford University            Winter 2004



Final Exam Solutions are now available below. Please stop by my office, after the spring break, to see your final exam, as well as to pick up Problem Set 6. Good luck with your classes next quarter.


Course Instructor

Name: Aleksey Zinger      Office: 380-383B      Phone: 723-1872
E-mail:      Office Hours: M11-12, T4-5, F10-11, and by appointment


Course Description

This is an introductory course in ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The primary focus will be on techniques for finding explicit solutions to ODEs. We will also study some nonlinear equations, elementary numerical methods, and ways of qualitatively describing solutions of ODEs without solving them explicitly.


Course Time and Location

MTWRF 2:15-3:05      Rm 380-380Y


Course Handouts

General    Info, Revised 1/8 (.ps,.pdf)      Schedule (.ps, .pdf)      Preview (.ps, .pdf)
Homework    Assignment 1, Revised 1/9 (.ps,.pdf)      PS1 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 2 (.ps,.pdf)                          PS2 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 3 (.ps,.pdf)                          PS3 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 4 (.ps,.pdf)                          PS4 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 5, Revised 2/28 (.ps,.pdf)    PS5 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 6 (.ps,.pdf)                          PS6 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
Exams    Midterm I Info (.ps,.pdf)      Practice Tests (.ps,.pdf)         Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Midterm II Info (.ps,.pdf)     Practice Tests (.ps,.pdf)         Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Final Exam Info (.ps,.pdf)     Practice Problems (.ps,.pdf)   Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
Summaries    Unit 1 (.ps,.pdf)      Unit 2 (.ps,.pdf)      Unit 3 (.ps,.pdf)
   Unit 4 (.ps,.pdf)      Unit 5 (.ps,.pdf)      Unit 6 (.ps,.pdf)     
Other    Descriptive Analysis of First-Order ODEs (.ps,.pdf)     
   Solution Guide to Practice Problems (.ps,.pdf)     

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