Mat331 class worksheets, spring 2012

Below are listed the worksheets that were saved from each class meeting, which you can browse online or download.

Alternatively, you can open the worksheets from inside Maple by selecting Open URL... from the File menu, and entering a URL like, where you replace DATE with the date of the class you want.

2012-01-24 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 230K bytes)
2012-01-26 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 749K bytes)
2012-01-31 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 118K bytes)
2012-02-02 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 308K bytes)
2012-02-07 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 156K bytes)
2012-02-09 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 242K bytes)
2012-02-14 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 86K bytes)
2012-02-16 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 82K bytes)
2012-02-21 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 120K bytes)
2012-02-23 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 74K bytes)
2012-02-28 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 155K bytes)
2012-03-01 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 2995K bytes)
2012-03-06 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 838K bytes)
2012-03-08 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 1838K bytes)
2012-03-12 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 3060K bytes)
2012-03-15 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 874K bytes)
2012-03-20 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 263K bytes)
2012-03-22 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 2239K bytes)
2012-03-27 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 480K bytes)
2012-03-29 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 6896K bytes)
2012-04-10 browse (pdf)  
(worksheet, 255K bytes)
(worksheet, 29K bytes)
(worksheet, 106K bytes)

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