MAT 331: Mathematical Problem Solving with Computers

Prof. Scott Sutherland Stony Brook, Spring 2012

Organizational Information

Maple Worksheets

  • You might find it useful to read about loading a file from the web into maple.


    • All problems (PDF).
    • To hand in an exercise, please use this page.


      • Project 1(pdf) (due 3/5), and the associated data files. There is a data file for each student, named by NetID.
        Don't forget to explain what you are doing quite clearly. This counts as much as getting the correct answers.
      • You have two choices for Project 2, either a qualitative study of a motorized glider, or several quantitative questions about the unpowered glider. Either is due on April 26.

        Should you choose to do the motorized glider project, you might want to look at my analysis of the case k=0.9, which is available as either a maple worksheet(right click). Feel free to crib whatever you want from it. Since the other project is more straightforward, you're on your own.

      • Project 3(pdf) (due 5/10) concerns using Newton's method for a system of several nonlinear equations in several unkowns.
      • To hand in your project, use the exercise submission page.


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