MAT312 & AMS351
Applied Algebra
Fall   2002
Term Paper (Project).
Homework Sets.
Set 1 (due: 9/12)

Set 2 (due: 9/24)

Set 3 (due: 10/8)

Set 4 (due:10/25)

Set 5 (due: 11/1)

Set 6 (due: 11/13)

Set 7 (due: 12/2)

Previous Quizzes and Examinations (with solutions).

Solutions to homework.

Course text book
Humphreys, Prest, Numbers, groups and codes.

Other Texts
Ivan, Zuckerman, The Theory of Numbers.
Hardy, Na´ve set theory.

Weil, Number Theory: An approach through the history from Hummurapi through Legendre.
Periodically examine this section for course announcements. They will appear in reverse chronological order.

December 16: An expanded PRELIMINARY VERSION OF BOOK
is now available. Please notify me of typos and mistakes that you identify.

December 13: The grades to date (excluding the final) are posted for your examination. Should you find any errors, notify IK or EG at once. Click here for MAT 312 and here for AMS 351. A paper copy is also posterd outside EG's office door. The grade file will be updated to include the final grade as soon as possible after the examination.

December 10: There will be a review session on Monday, December 16, 9am -- 1pm, in the Math Tower P131. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and clarify points that may have been bothering you. The first half, conducted by IK, of the session will strart at 9am and will end either at 11am or earlier if there are no questions; the second half, conducted by EG, will start at 11am and will end either at 1pm or earlier if there are no questions. The final examination will be held in Physics P118 on Thursday, December 19, 11 -- 1:30pm.

December 3: The final examination will be based on the material of Chapters 1, 2 (excluding section 2.4), 4 and 5.

November 8: To help prepare for the second mid-term examination you might want to consult the updated version of the lecture notes on the course. As before, I would appreciate learning of any ambiguities and errors in the text. Note that there will be no quiz during the week of November 18. The first quiz after the midterm will be on November 26. Click here for a PRELIMINARY VERSION OF BOOK

November 5: The November 14 mid-term examination will cover the material of Chapters 1, 2 (excluding section 2.4) and 4 (excluding section 4.4, but knowing this meterial might help you understand the rest of the chapter).

October 17: We will have a short 10 minute quiz today, but none next week. The next quiz will be on Tuesday, October 29.

October 16: The material describing the Term Project (Paper), including due dates, is now available for your examination.

October 3: In order to review material for the midterm, students should complete Homework #3 before October 8 and work on Worksheet #3 after the examination. Both should be handed in during the recitation meeting on October 10.

October 2: I am preparing a set of notes on the course that might become a text book. A preliminary version, containing Chapter 1 is now available for downloading. Please let me know if you find the material useful and notify me whenever you find errors in the material. PRELIMINARY VERSION OF BOOK

October 1: The October 8 mid-term examination will cover the material of Chapter 1. There will not be any questions on the RSA public key code.

September 26: The due date for Homework Set 3 has been postponed to October 8.

September 18: I. Kra is unable to hold office hours during the week that starts on September 23. The September 24 class will be conducted by E. Gonzalez.

September 9: Our class will NOT meet on Tuesday, September 17, since the university will follow a Monday schedule that day.

September 5: On September 13, the recitations sections will meet in the Mathematics SINC site, S-235 of the Math Tower, to familiarize students with our computers and MAPLE.

August 23: Please note that the course has two optional recitation sessions that did not appear in the class schedule.


Instructor: Irwin Kra. Office: Math Tower 4-111. Campus phone: 2-8273. E-mail address:

Graduate Assistant: Eduardo Gonzalez. Office: Math Tower 4-110. E-mail address:

Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:20 - 12:40 in Harriman 116. There are two consecutive optional recitation sessions for the course that meet Fridays 9:25-11:25 in ESS 079. It is highly advised to attend at least one of these hours.

Office hours
for IK: Tuesdays at 4 and Thursdays at 10 in 4-111, Wednesdays at 11 in the Undergraduate Office, and by appointment,
for EG: Wednesdays at 1 in the MLC, Thursdays at 3 in 4-110, and by appointment.
To contact either Kra or Gonzalez for comments on the course, to make an appointment or for ANY OTHER REASON, it is easiest to begin by sending an e-mail us at: (for IK) or (for EG)

Late homeworks are not accepted, and there are no make-up quizzes either.

The course outline and syllabus: SYLLABUS

Note: This is an .html file. All other course files, except for MAPLE Pages (worksheets) are in the .pdf format. Use an Acrobat Reader to access them. The MAPLE Pages are .mws files. To use them, first store them and then open them within a MAPLE session.

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