These are the 8 papers in the [BS] series

Expository paper with a focus on "external rays"

Here are the notes from a course I gave on external rays at Postech in Pohang, Korea. In the case of polynomial maps of C, the external rays are parametrized by points of the circle, And in the quadratic case, the points of the circle are represented as a 1-sided sequence of 0's and 1's. In the quadratic Hénon case, the external rays are parametrized by the real solenoid, and they are represented symbolically as bi-infinite sequences of 0's and 1's. If J is hyperbolic and connected, it is given as a quotient of the real solenoid, and this may be represented as a quotient of the full 2-shift on 0's and 1's, modulo and identification of the pairs of sequences corresponding to external rays which have the same landing points.

Real and complex horseshoes

Semi-Parabolic Implosion

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