Title: Introduction to Analysis

Description: A careful study of the theory underlying calculus. The real number system. Basic properties of functions of one real variable. Differentiation, integration, and the inverse theorem. Infinite sequences of functions and uniform convergence. Infinite series. Metric spaces and compactness. This course is a more demanding alternative of MAT 319, suitable for students who are comfortable with rigorous proofs.

Note: MAT 320 meets with MAT 319 for the first 6 weeks of the semester. All students must register for 319. After 6 weeks classes split; students wishing to continue to MAT 320 will be moved (subject to instructor's approval).

Prerequisite: C or higher in MAT 200 or MAT 250 or permission of instructor; C or higher in one of the following: MAT 203, 205, 211, 307, AMS 261, or A- or higher in MAT 127, 132, 142, or AMS 161

Credits: 4


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