SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 320: Introduction to Analysis
Fall 2006


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A copy of the final exam is posted.
The final grades are now posted in the Blackboard. They were determined as follows:
Midterms 15% each, Final Exam 30%, Homework 25%, Project 15%.
Because Paul graded each problem set out of different number of points, and because the Blackboard appears to calculate the weighted averages incorrectly, a complicated weighted system was implemented and other software was used to make sure that all homeworks contribute equally and the weighting is done right. For this reason, no totals or weighted averages or percentiles are available in the Blackboard.
The official copy of final grades will be posted in Solar shortly.
The final exam is graded, the grades are posted on the blackboard. The average score was 48, the median 45, standard deviation 24, highest score 89. If your score is above 80, you did very well; if it is 25 or below, you failed the exam. The final grades for the semester will be posted shortly. If you want to see your exam, I'll be in my office shortly on Friday between 13:30 - 2 pm. Please drop me an email if you'll be stopping by. A copy of the final exam will be posted soon.
Solutions to Homework 11 and Homework 12 are posted.
The project grades are now in the Blackboard. The total for the project is 50 points; 80% of the grade is given for the paper, 20% for the presentation. Thus, the first digit of your grade (in decimal notation) is your paper grade, the second is the presentation grade. (Nobody got a presentation grade of 10, so grades like 30+10 are not a problem.)
Paul will teach a review on Thursday, Dec 14, 6 &ndash 8 pm in PSYA144.
Review sheet and practice questions for the final exam are posted.
Solutions to Homework 10 are posted.
Homework 12 is posted.
As we didn't have time for all presentations on Monday, we have to adjust the schedule: Jason and Scott will finish their prsentation of Cantor set on Wednesday (6/12), while the compactness people will most probably have to wait until the next week. Please try to prepare well: this makes your talk more enjoyable and saves us all some time!
Here's some good news: the project papers, if well-written, can qualify for the math major writing requirement. Talk to me if you want the credit.
Homework 11 is posted.
The project papers are due on Friday, Dec. 1. On Monday, we are starting project presentations in recitation. The schedule is now posted. The order of presentations is based on the logical connection between different topics (some talks are "prerequisites" for others); however, if you are unable to speak on a given day, let me know ASAP and I'll try to adjust the schedule.
Homework 10 is posted.
Solutions to Midterm 2 are posted.
Important note: when constructing examples of functions (in homework, practice questions or on exam), you DO NOT need to give a formula for your function; a clearly drawn graph (with explanations of its important features if needed) would do just as well. Indeed, not every function can be given by a formula, and a graph is a valid method of describing a function.
Solutions to Homework 9 are posted.
Solutions to Homework 8 are posted.
Solutions to Homework 7 are posted.
Review sheet and practice questions for Exam 2 are posted.
Homework 9 is posted. It is due Wednesday, Nov. 15 (not on Friday as usual).
Homework 8 is posted.
Solutions to Homework 6 are posted. Solutions to Homework 5 are on MAT 319 page.
Homework 7 is posted.
The Second Midterm will be on Friday, November 17 (in class).
The list of projects is posted. Please choose one by November 1.
Homework 6 is posted.
Homework 5 is posted (same as for MAT 319).
The exam has been graded and returned to students. The results were OK given that you only had 55 minutes; median grade was about 28 out of 50.
We will be splitting classes MAT 319 and 320 starting next week. If you want to go to MAT 319, no action is required on your part. Those who want to go to MAT 320 should have signed up in today's lecture; if you want to go to MAT 320 and for some reason haven't signed up yet, let the professors know by Wednesday.
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