MAT 531 Topology/Geometry II
Spring 2005

(Last Updated: May 6, 2005)

Room: Mathematics P131
Time: TuTh 9:50-11:10 am
Instructor: Vladlen Timorin
Office: 4-102 Phone: 2-8265
Office hours: Wed 2-4, Th 5-6

Grader: Yakov Savelyev

Textbook: Michael Spivak, A Comprehensive introduction to differential geometry

Homeworks will be assigned approximately weekly. They are due the following week.
There will be a midterm and a final exam.
Grading policy: 30% homeworks, 20% midterm, 50% final exam.

Syllabus (from the Graduate Student Handbook):

  1. Differentiable manifolds and maps
  2. The tangent bundle
  3. Differential forms
  4. Integration

1 [ps] [pdf] due on Tuesday, February 8
2 [ps] [pdf] due on Thursday, February 17
3 [ps] [pdf] due on Thursday, March 3
4 [ps] [pdf] due on Thursday, March 17
5 [ps] [pdf] due on Thursday, April 14
6 [ps] [pdf] due on Tuesday, April 26
7 [ps] [pdf] due on Tuesday, May 3

Final Exam Review Sheet: [ps] [pdf]