The Secondary Teacher Option of the MA Degree is a part-time program specifically designed for provisionally certified teachers of mathematics in grades 7-12.

The usual admission requirements for this program include:

  1. Two years of college level mathematics, including one year of calculus, linear algebra, and at least one semester of mathematics beyond single variable calculus.
  2. Provisional Certification to teach Mathematics, grades 7-12.
  3. A 3.0 grade point average.
  4. Three letters of recommendation.

The program consists of 30 credits of mathematics or related courses. The required courses, MAT 511 through MAT 520 are given on a rotating basis (see planned rotation schedule). There are usually two courses in the evenings every fall and every spring semester; one course in the evening in the first summer session; and two courses, afternoon and evening on the same days, in the second summer session.

There are nine required courses:

MAT 511, Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics

MAT 512, Algebra for Teachers

MAT 513, Analysis for Teachers I

MAT 514, Analysis for Teachers II

MAT 515, Geometry for Teachers

MAT 516, Probability and Statistics for Teachers

MAT 517, Calculators and Computers for Teachers

MAT 519, Seminar in Mathematics Teaching

MAT 520, Geometry for Teachers II

    Students are also required to take a three credit elective, which should be in a mathematics related field; this includes mathematics education. Electives not on the list of recommended electives must be approved by the Director of the Program.

    Students should be aware that they can transfer at most 12 credits from other programs, including other programs at Stony Brook, and that they can transfer at most 6 credits from programs outside Stony Brook.

    Application forms must be completed online. In the "Specialization" area write Secondary Teaching Option, and check Part-time Study; be advised that GRE (as well as any other test) is not required. Therefore in the online "Application for Admission",  skip the section "Test Scores". 

    Note special deadlines for this program:

    • for Fall admission April 15
    • for Spring admission November 15
    • for Summer admission April 15

    Please have your transcripts and any recommendation letters sent to:

    • The Office of Graduate & Health Sciences Admissions
      Health Sciences Tower, Level 2 Room 271
      Stony Brook, NY 11794-8276

    Please direct questions to the Director of this Program: