The minimum requirements for admission to this program are:

  1. A bachelor’s degree with a major in mathematics or equivalent mathematical training.
  2. Evidence that the student is likely to succeed:
    1. This must include three letters of recommendation from mathematicians, usually the applicant’s current or former teachers.
    2. A complete transcript of previous college studies including grades in all mathematics courses.
  3. Acceptance by both the Mathematics Department and the Graduate School.

Requirements of the Professional-Option MA Degree in Mathematics

In addition to the requirements of the Graduate School, the following are required

  1. Satisfactory completion of four of the following courses (12 credits).
    Note: Courses listed next to each other should be viewed as a sequence, and students should complete at least one of the sequences. Each course is 3 credits.
  2. Master’s Thesis or Comprehensive Examination: Up to six credits of Master’s Thesis (enrollment in MAT 599). Students will work with an advisor to write a paper on a significant topic of mathematics. It need not be original research.

    Alternatively, students may choose to pass either the PhD comprehensive examination, or the separate MA comprehensive exam. The MA comprehensive exam consists of the final examinations in MAT 530/540, MAT 531, MAT 532, MAT 533, MAT 534, MAT 535, and MAT 536, or the equivalent. If students choose the comprehensive examination option, they will enroll in an additional 6 credits of coursework (see below) for a total of at least 30 credits for degree completion.
  3. 12-18 credits of additional coursework (for a total of 30 credits for completion of the degree program): To complete the 30 credits, students may enroll in any MAT course in the Mathematics department numbered 500 or above except MAT 598. With the permission of the Director of the Program, students may substitute courses related to mathematics from AMS, PHY, or other departments.

Deadlines for Applications:

  • Fall Admission: May 1st

Applications must be submitted online at This site contains detailed instructions.

You can find this site on the Graduate home page

To apply to the Masters (Professional Option) program, you need to fill out an application form and include the following material:

  • A statement of purpose, describing your background and interests
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • At least three recommendation letters; this is the most important part of your application
  • Application fee (currently $100)

GRE scores (general scores only) must be received by the university in electronic form from ETS; photocopies of your test report are not acceptable. To have the scores sent to us, use the following codes:

Department code: 0703 
Stony Brook University Institution code: 2548

Please have your transcripts and any recommendation letters sent to:

The Office of Graduate & Health Sciences Admissions
Health Sciences Tower, Level 2 Room 271
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8276

Please direct questions to the Director of this Program:

        Professor Marco Martens      631-632-4893

Or the Graduate Program Coordinator:

        Christine Gathman                 631-632-8282