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A 20-sided die from Roman times.

MAT 160 Mathematical Problems and Games
Spring 2010

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Syllabus, Schedule, Homework

Dates Material covered Homework
Jan 26 Some mathematical card tricks:
1. Mulcahy: Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (6 done in class)
2. The Wizard's Clock
HW 1 (for 02/02)

Students were assigned a trick to prepare. (Some tricks required two). Please be sure to understand the math!
Feb 2 Homework 2
Feb 9 Homework 3
Feb 16 Be prepared for a quiz on "down-under" dealing and on NIM. No written homework.
Feb 23 Cretan-type mazes. See "Build your own labyrinth" Devise an original 12-level Cretan-type labyrinth, draw it in rectangular form and if possible in rolled-up form. (Hand in).
Mar 2 Counting mazes, Catalan numbers Homework 5
Mar 9 Catalan numbers, Pigeonhole principle Homework 6
Mar 16 Parity, Topology principle Homework 7
Mar 23 Graphs Homework 8: write out the arguments that show that K(3,3) and K(5) are not planar. Show that K(5) can be embedded in the graph of edges of the tesseract (4D-cube) and that this graph is also non-planar.
Apr 6 Infinite sums I (no homework this week).
Apr 13 Infinite sums II Homework 9
Apr 20 Problems and paradoxes with probability Homework 10
Apr 27 Problems and paradoxes with logic Homework 11

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