Here is some material relevant to my work.

Here is my vita (including publications and preprints), as of June 2017. pdf .

Here is a longer version of my vita; the list of my papers is annotated to inlcude a short description of each paper pdf .

A list of my papers with short abstracts can be found here . The list includes links to elctronic copies of most of the recent papers. Papers are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first) and unpublished preprints are listed at the end.

This is the proposal for my current NSF; it should give some idea of what I am thinking about. 2015 proposal . Here are some previous proposals, written in: 2000 , 2003 , 2006 , 2009 , 2012 .

These are some selected reviews of the 2000, 2003, 2006 NSF proposals.

The texts of all the reviews are given in: reviews of 2015 proposal , reviews of 2012 proposal , reviews of 2009 proposal , reviews of 2006 proposal , reviews of 2003 proposal , reviews of 2000 proposal .