John W. Milnor

Professor of Mathematics

Co-Director, Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Office: Math 5D-148, (631) 632-7307;
Fax (631) 632-4774

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Recent Publications and Preprints

Some Lectures (pdf slides):

Cubic Maps and the Mandelbrot Set, (Stont Brook, April 2023)

Real Quadratic Rational Maps, (Luminy, September 2021)

Relatve Green's Function, (Toronto, May 2019)

Points on a Circle (Stony Brook, April 2018)

Two Moduli Spaces (Mexico City, December 2017)

Curvature and Residu Iteratif, (Cancun, May 2016)

Piecewise Monotone Maps [Corrected] (Bremen, August 2015)

John Nash, Mathematician (StonyBrook, July 2015)

Topology through Four Centuries (Seoul, August 2014)

Hyperbolic Component Boundaries (Gyeongju, August 2014)

Totally Marked Rational Maps (ICERM, Providence 2012)

``Growth and Form (IAS, Princeton 2010)"

``Cubic Maps (Graduate Center 2010)"

``Cubic Maps (Toulouse 2009)"

``Cubic Maps (Paris 2008)"

``Cubic Maps (Santiago de Chile 2008)"

``Schwarzian & Cylinder Maps (Bremen 2008)"

``Modeling Evolution (Warwick 2007)"

``Dynamics on P^2 (Princeton 2007)"

Topology in the 50's (Zurich 2007)"

``Non-locally-connected Julia sets (Cergy 2006)"

Pictures of Non-Landing Stretching Rays

(illustrating Nakane and Komori)