John W. Milnor

Professor of Mathematics

Co-Director, Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Office: Math 5D-148, (631) 632-7307;
Fax (631) 632-4774

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Recent Publications and Preprints

Some Lectures (pdf slides):

Relatve Green's Function, Toronto, May 2019)

Points on a Circle (Stony Brook, April 2018)

Two Moduli Spaces (Mexico City, December 2017)

Curvature and Residu Iteratif, (Cancun, May 2016)

Piecewise Monotone Maps (Bremen, August 2015)

John Nash, Mathematician (StonyBrook, July 2015)

Topology through Four Centuries (Seoul, August 2014)

Hyperbolic Component Boundaries (Gyeongju, August 2014)

Totally Marked Rational Maps (ICERM, Providence 2012)

``Growth and Form (IAS, Princeton 2010)"

``Cubic Maps (Graduate Center 2010)"

``Cubic Maps (Toulouse 2009)"

``Cubic Maps (Paris 2008)"

``Cubic Maps (Santiago de Chile 2008)"

``Schwarzian & Cylinder Maps (Bremen 2008)"

``Modeling Evolution (Warwick 2007)"

``Dynamics on P^2 (Princeton 2007)"

Topology in the 50's (Zurich 2007)"

``Non-locally-connected Julia sets (Cergy 2006)"

Pictures of Non-Landing Stretching Rays

(illustrating Nakane and Komori)