Stony Brook Mathematics
Schedule of Classes
Fall 2021

Please Note: * indicates course coordinator
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Mathematics Education Courses

MAE 301 Foundations of Secondary School Mathematics
Note: Offered as MAE 301 and MAE 501
LEC 0187456TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmMathematics4130Lisa Berger

MAE 311 Intro. to Methods of Teaching Secondary School Math
Note: Offered as MAE 311 and MAE 510
LEC 0181257TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmMathematics4130Derek Pope

MAE 312 Micro-Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 312 and MAE 540
S0185409W 2:40pm- 3:35pmMathematics4130Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

T4296287    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 401 DIV for BS/MA in Teaching only
T1394779    Lisa Berger

MAE 447 Directed Readings in Math
Note: offered as MAE 447 and MAE 530
T0188192Tu 2:30pm- 3:20pm  Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 451 Supervised Student Teaching, Middle School
Note: Offered as MAE 451 and MAE551
V0181258    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez
V6088853    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 452 Supervised Student Teaching, High School
Note: Offered as MAE 452 and MAE 552
V0181259    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez
V6088855    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 454 Student Teaching Seminar
Note: Offered as MAE 454 and MAE 554
S0287840W 4:25pm- 7:15pmMathematics4130Alaa Abd-El-Hafez
S6088857W 4:25pm- 6:25pm 301Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 501 Foundations, Secondary School Math Curriculum
Note: Offered as MAE 501 and MAE 301
LEC 0187457TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmMathematics4130Lisa Berger

MAE 510 Intro to Methods of Teaching
Note: Offered as MAE 510 and MAE 311
LEC 0184991TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmMathematics4130Derek Pope

MAE 530 Directed Readings and Research
Note: offered as MAE 447 and MAE 530
T0188193Tu 2:30pm- 3:20pm  Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 540 Clinical Experience
Note: Offered as MAE 540 and MAE 312
S0185410W 2:40pm- 3:35pmMathematics4130Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 551 Supervised Student Teaching, Middle School
Note: Offered as MAE 551 and MAE 451
V0185157    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez
V6088854    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 552 Supervised Student Teaching, High School
Note: Offered as MAE 552 and MAE 452
V0185158    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez
V6088856    Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 554 Student Teaching Seminar
Note: Offered as MAE 554 and MAE 454
S0287839W 4:25pm- 7:15pmMathematics4130Alaa Abd-El-Hafez
S6088858W 4:25pm- 6:25pm 301Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

MAE 699 Dissertation Research On Campu
T1387482    Lisa Berger

Undergraduate Courses

MAP 101 Fundamentals of Arithmetic and Algebra
LEC 0195413TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmLibraryN3085Thomas Rico

MAP 103 Proficiency Algebra
Note: Evening Exams Online: 8:15pm-9:35pm 9/30, 11/4/2021
LEC 0181260MWF10:30am-11:25amEarth&Space181 
LEC 0281261TuTh11:30am-12:50pmFrey Hall216 
LEC 0381262TuTh 6:30pm- 7:50pmEarth&Space181--- on hold ---
LEC 0481263MW 6:05pm- 7:25pmEarth&Space181 
LEC 0581264MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmEarth&Space181--- on hold ---
LEC 0681265MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmEarth&Space181Mark Lombardi
LEC 0781266TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmEarth&Space181 
LEC 0894946TuTh 9:45am-11:05amEarth&Space181 
LEC 0994986TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmPsychology A146 

MAT 119 Foundations for Precalculus
Students must also enroll concurrently in MAT123
LEC 0188940Th11:30am-12:50pmFrey Hall222Thomas Rico
LEC 0288913M 2:40pm- 4:00pmSocbehav SciN310 
LEC 0388914W 2:40pm- 4:00pmFrey Hall224--- on hold ---
LEC 0488949Tu 8:15pm- 9:35pmFrey Hall222 
LEC 0594945M 4:25pm- 5:45pmFrey Hall224--- on hold ---

MAT 122 Overview of Calculus, with Applications
LEC 0181267TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmLibraryW4550William Bernhard
R0187013Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmLibraryN4072 
LEC 0296242FLEX 1:00am- 1:00amOnline Deb Wertz
R2196241Th 1:15pm- 2:10pmOnline Deb Wertz

MAT 123 Precalculus
Note: Evening Exams Online: 8:15pm-9:35pm 9/30, 11/4/2021
LEC 0181269MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmFrey Hall104Cheryl Bishop
R0281271M 1:00pm- 1:55pmFrey Hall217 
R0381272W11:45am-12:40pmLgt Engr Lab154 
R0481273M 7:50pm- 8:45pmEarth&Space181 
R0581274Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmEarth&Space183Christiane Stidham
R0687441Tu 6:30pm- 7:25pmStaller Ctr3216 
R0795438Th 6:30pm- 7:25pmStaller Ctr3216 
LEC 0281270MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmEngineering143Holly Chen
R2181275M 1:00pm- 1:55pmPhysicsP117 
R2281276W11:45am-12:40pmSocbehav SciN436 
R2381277M 7:50pm- 8:45pmPhysicsP117--- on hold ---
R2487442Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmLibraryN3063 
R2587444Tu 6:30pm- 7:25pmChemistry126 
LEC 0395630TuTh 9:45am-11:05amFrey Hall104David Kahn*
R3087443M 6:05pm- 7:00pmStaller Ctr3218--- on hold ---
R3187520M 1:00pm- 1:55pmLgt Engr Lab152Holly Chen
R3288939W 4:25pm- 5:20pmLibraryW4530 
R3388952Th 4:45pm- 5:40pmEarth&Space069Christiane Stidham
R3495634Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmStaller Ctr3216 
R3588237W11:45am-12:40pmHarriman Hll104Holly Chen
R3688609Th 8:00am- 8:55amStaller Ctr3216 
LEC 0495631TuTh 6:30pm- 7:50pmFrey Hall102Christiane Stidham
R4087780M 6:05pm- 7:00pmEarth&Space183 
R4188904M 1:00pm- 1:55pmLibraryE4310 
R4288905W 4:25pm- 5:20pmLibraryN4006 
R4388906Th 4:45pm- 5:40pmSocbehav SciS328--- on hold ---
R4488907Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmLgt Engr Lab154 
R4595647W11:45am-12:40pmFrey Hall317 
R4695648Th 8:00am- 8:55amFrey Hall326--- on hold ---

MAT 125 Calculus A
Note: Evening Exams Online: 8:15pm-9:35pm 9/30, 11/4/2021
LEC 0181278MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmFrey Hall100David Kahn*
R0281281Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmEarth&Space183 
R0381282M 1:00pm- 1:55pmLgt Engr Lab154 
R0481283Th 6:30pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP127 
R0681285M 7:50pm- 8:45pmEarth&Space183 
R0787447W 8:30am- 9:25amPhysicsP127 
LEC 0281279TuTh 9:45am-11:05amSimons Centr103Theodore Drivas
R2184141Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmLgt Engr Lab154 
R2284142F 1:00pm- 1:55pmFrey Hall105 
R2385029Th 6:30pm- 7:25pmPhysicsP116--- on hold ---
R2487448M11:45am-12:40pmLgt Engr Lab154 
R2587688M 7:50pm- 8:45pmStaller Ctr3218 
R2688507W 8:30am- 9:25amLgt Engr Lab154 
LEC 0395659TuTh 6:30pm- 7:50pmFrey Hall104Deb Wertz
R3185223F 1:00pm- 1:55pmLgt Engr Lab154 
R3387690Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmStaller Ctr3216--- on hold ---
R3487691M 8:30am- 9:25amLgt Engr Lab154 
R3587449Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmStaller Ctr3218 
R3695660W 4:25pm- 5:20pmSocbehav SciS218 
LEC 0495658TuTh 6:30pm- 7:50pmEngineering143Thomas Rico
R4187692F 1:00pm- 1:55pmPhysicsP117 
R4287693W11:45am-12:40pmFrey Hall326 
R4395662Th 4:45pm- 5:40pmLibraryN3063--- on hold ---
R4495661M 8:30am- 9:25amFrey Hall226 
R4588239Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmLibraryN4000 

MAT 126 Calculus B
Note: Evening Exams Online: 8:15pm-9:35pm 9/30, 11/4/2021
LEC 0181286MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmEarth&Space001Nguyen-Bac Dang
R0281288F 9:15am-10:10amEarth&Space181 
R0381289Th 8:00am- 8:55amMathematicsP131 
R0481290W 6:05pm- 7:00pmLgt Engr Lab154 
R0587453W 8:30am- 9:25amLibraryN4072--- on hold ---
R0695467Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmSocbehav SciN310 
R0795468Th 3:00pm- 3:55pmStaller Ctr3216 
LEC 0295466TuTh 9:45am-11:05amFrey Hall100Marcus Khuri
R2081291F10:30am-11:25amLgt Engr Lab154 
R2181292F 9:15am-10:10amPhysicsP127--- on hold ---
R2287450Th 8:00am- 8:55amPhysicsP117 
R2395469W 6:05pm- 7:00pmStaller Ctr3218 
R2495470W 8:30am- 9:25amPhysicsP130 
R2595471Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmStaller Ctr3218 
R2695472Tu 3:00pm- 3:55pmSocbehav SciN310 

MAT 127 Calculus C
Note: Evening Exams Online: 8:15pm-9:35pm 9/30, 11/4/2021
LEC 0186741MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmLibraryW4525 
LEC 0285174TuTh 9:45am-11:05amLibraryE4330Christina Karafyllia
LEC 0394669TuTh 6:30pm- 7:50pmPsychology A137Jingrui Cheng
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MAT 130 Trigonometry and Logarithms
Note: Fall 2021: Class only meets for the first 6 weeks of the semester. Students must enroll concurrently in MAT 125
LEC 0194558MW 9:15am-10:10amFrey Hall328 
LEC 0294559MW11:45am-12:40pmFrey Hall305 
LEC 0394560TuTh 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP127--- on hold ---

MAT 131 Calculus I
Note: Evening Exams Online: 8:15pm-9:35pm 9/30, 11/4/2021
LEC 0181293TuTh 9:45am-11:05amFrey Hall102Jason Starr
R0181295TuTh 1:15pm- 2:10pmLibraryN4000 
R0287022TuTh 8:00am- 8:55amEarth&Space183 
R0387454MW10:30am-11:25amStaller Ctr3216 
R0488606MW 4:25pm- 5:20pmPhysicsP130 
R0595449MF 1:00pm- 1:55pmStaller Ctr3218 
R0695450MW 9:15am-10:10amPhysicsP117--- on hold ---
LEC 0281294TuTh 6:30pm- 7:50pmFrey Hall100 
R2081296TuTh 1:15pm- 2:10pmChemistry126 
R2181829TuTh 8:00am- 8:55amEarth&Space181 
R2394968MW 4:25pm- 5:20pmSocbehav SciN310 
R2495452MF 1:00pm- 1:55pmLibraryN4072 
R2595454MW 9:15am-10:10amChemistry126 
R2695455WF11:45am-12:40pmFrey Hall105 

MAT 132 Calculus II
Note: Evening Exams Online: 8:15pm-9:35pm 9/30, 11/4/2021
LEC 0181301MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmFrey Hall102Eun Hye Lee
R0181302TuTh 6:30pm- 7:25pmEarth&Space183--- on hold ---
R0281303MW 2:40pm- 3:35pmPhysicsP127 
R0381304MF 1:00pm- 1:55pmEarth&Space183 
R0587451TuTh 1:15pm- 2:10pmSocbehav SciN310 
R0695560MW 8:30am- 9:20amStaller Ctr3218 
R0795561MW 9:15am-10:10amEarth&Space183 
LEC 0295530TuTh 9:45am-11:05amEarth&Space001Dzmitry Dudko
R2081306TuTh 6:30pm- 7:25pmLgt Engr Lab154 
R2184143MW 2:40pm- 3:35pmEarth&Space183 
R2285315MF 1:00pm- 1:55pmEarth&Space181 
R2395568WF11:45am-12:40pmFrey Hall313 
R2487452TuTh 1:15pm- 2:10pmSocbehav SciS328 
R2587851MW 8:30am- 9:20amEarth&Space181 
R2695564MW 9:15am-10:10amStaller Ctr3216 

MAT 200 Logic, Language and Proof
LEC 0185295MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmLgt Engr Lab152 
LEC 0285307TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmLgt Engr Lab152Marie-Louise Michelsohn
LEC 0388821MWF 9:15am-10:10amHumanities3017Artem Kotelskyi
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MAT 203 Calculus III with Applications
LEC 0181307TuTh11:30am-12:50pmEngineering145Dror Varolin
R0281309F 1:00pm- 1:55pmPhysicsP116 
R0387853Tu 1:15pm- 2:10pmStaller Ctr3220 
R0488514Th 3:00pm- 3:55pmPhysicsP127 
LEC 0284158MW 6:05pm- 7:25pmEngineering143Matthew Romney
R2195457Th 8:00am- 8:55amPhysicsP112 
R2287016F 1:00pm- 1:55pmSocbehav SciS328 
R2387819Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmSocbehav SciS328 

MAT 211 Introduction to Linear Algebra
LEC 0195429TuTh 4:45pm- 6:05pmEarth&Space079Dzmitry Dudko
LEC 0287017TuTh11:30am-12:50pmEarth&Space079Alena Erchenko
LEC 0387018MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmFrey Hall205Jonguk Yang
LEC 0488822MWF11:45am-12:40pmOnline Lowell Jones
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MAT 250 Intro to Advanced Mathematics
Note: contact department at for permission to register
LEC 0188482TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmLgt Engr Lab154Julia Viro

MAT 303 Calculus IV with Applications
LEC 0181310MWF 9:15am-10:10amOnline Lowell Jones
R0295435M 1:00pm- 1:55pmEarth&Space131 
R0387019Tu 6:30pm- 7:25pmChemistry128 
R0494827Th 9:45am-10:40amLibraryN4072 

MAT 307 Multivariable Calc Linear Alg
LEC 0186219MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmFrey Hall313Andrew Hanlon
R0186220M 6:05pm- 7:00pmHarriman Hll115 
R0288823Th 4:45pm- 5:40pmLibraryN3074 

MAT 310 Linear Algebra
LEC 0181312MW 8:30am- 9:50amHumanities1006Kevin Sackel
R0185139Tu 4:45pm- 5:40pmPhysicsP116 
R0285140M10:30am-11:25amLgt Engr Lab154 
R0388950Tu 8:00am- 8:55amStaller Ctr3216 

MAT 311 Number Theory
Note: Offered as MAT 311 and MAT 521
LEC 0188824MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmEarth&Space177Mikhail Movshev

MAT 312 Applied Algebra
Note: Offered as MAT 312 and AMS 351
LEC 0182181TuTh11:30am-12:50pmSimons Centr103Lisa Berger
R0184144Tu 1:15pm- 2:10pmLibraryN3063 
R0394492Th 9:45am-10:40amFrey Hall224 

MAT 313 Abstract Algebra
Note: Offered as MAT 313 and MAT 524
LEC 0181313TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmLibraryE4315Olivier Martin

MAT 319 Foundations of Analysis
LEC 0182271TuTh 9:45am-11:05amS B Union103-02Marco Martens
R0288825MW11:45am-12:40pmFrey Hall309 
R0394829MW11:45am-12:40pmSocbehav SciN310 

MAT 320 Introduction to Analysis
Students should enroll in MAT 319 R 01. After 6 weeks, student will move into MAT 320
LEC 0181314TuTh 9:45am-11:05amMathematicsP131Christopher Bishop

MAT 324 Real Analysis
Note: Offered as MAT 324 and MAT 522
LEC 0181316TuTh 9:45am-11:05amEarth&Space131Robert Hough

MAT 331 Computer-Assisted Mathematical Problem Solving
LEC 0181317TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmMathematicsS235Marco Martens

MAT 336 History of Mathematics
LEC 0186353TuTh11:30am-12:50pmPhysicsP130Moira Chas
LEC 0288826TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmPhysicsP113Moira Chas
LEC 0396316MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmPhysicsP129Oleg Viro

MAT 341 Applied Real Analysis
LEC 0181318TuTh 9:45am-11:05amFrey Hall105Jian Wang
LEC 0288508MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmEarth&Space131Ljudmila Kamenova
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MAT 342 Applied Complex Analysis
LEC 0187020MWF10:30am-11:25amLibraryW4540Shengyuan Zhao

MAT 364 Topology and Geometry
Offered as MAT 364 and MAT 529
LEC 0181319MF 1:00pm- 2:20pmPhysicsP122Olga Plamenevskaya

MAT 371 Logic
Note: Offered as CSE 371 and MAT 371
LEC 0196310TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmHumanities1003Anita Wasilewska

MAT 373 Analysis of Algorithms
Note: Offered as CSE 373 and MAT 373. Students satisfying prereqs by transfer must provide proof by the start of the semester.
LEC 0181320TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmFrey Hall102Rezaul Chowdhury

MAT 401 Seminar in Mathematics: Analytic Number Theory
Please note: Students need to have completed MAT342 and MAT312 or 313; completion of MAT311 is also recommended. Please email: for permission
S0181321TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmPhysicsP130Leon Takhtajan

MAT 444 Experiential Learning

MAT 458 Speak Effectively Before/Aud

MAT 459 Write Effectively
T3796265    Marco Martens

MAT 475 Undergrad Teaching Practicum
Meets with MAT 598
T0181322    Scott Sutherland

MAT 487 Indep Study in Special Topics
Note: Obtain Class # through Department

MAT 495 Honors Thesis
Note: Obtain Class # through Department

Graduate Courses

MAT 511 Fundamental Concepts of Math
LEC 0194634TuTh 6:30pm- 7:50pmPhysicsP124Julia Viro

MAT 515 Geometry for Teachers
LEC 0182179MW 4:25pm- 5:45pmPhysicsP128David Ebin

MAT 516 Probab & Statist for Teachers
LEC 0186180MW 6:05pm- 7:25pmLibraryN3033Peter Lin

MAT 521 Introduction to Number Theory
Note: Offered as MAT 311 and MAT 521
LEC 0189006MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmEarth&Space177Mikhail Movshev

MAT 522 Introduction to Measure Theory
Note: Offered as MAT 324 and MAT 522
LEC 0189008TuTh 9:45am-11:05amEarth&Space131Robert Hough

MAT 524 Abstract Algebra I
Note: Offered as MAT 313 and MAT 524
LEC 0189007TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmLibraryE4315Olivier Martin

MAT 529 Basic Topology and Geometry
Offered as MAT 364 and MAT 529
LEC 0189009MF 1:00pm- 2:20pmPhysicsP122Olga Plamenevskaya

MAT 530 Topology, Geometry I
LEC 0181324MW 9:45am-11:05amHarriman Hll115Oleg Viro

MAT 532 Real Analysis I
LEC 0187771TuTh 9:45am-11:05amEarth&Space177Raanan Schul

MAT 534 Algebra I
LEC 0181325TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmEarth&Space177Radu Laza

MAT 538 Riemann Surfaces
LEC 0196285MW 2:40pm- 4:00pmMathematics5-127Robert Lazarsfeld

MAT 540 Advanced Topology, Geometry I
LEC 0194647MW 9:45am-11:05amMathematicsP131Olga Plamenevskaya

MAT 541 Algebraic Topology
LEC 0188167TuTh11:30am-12:50pmFrey Hall326Mark McLean

MAT 543 Representation Theory
LEC 0196286TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmMathematics5-127Alexander Kirillov

MAT 545 Complex Geometry
LEC 0287464TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmEarth&Space183Blaine Lawson

MAT 550 Introduction to Probability
LEC 0196319TuTh11:30am-12:50pmMathematicsP131Robert Hough

MAT 560 Mathematical Physics I
LEC 0195600MW11:30am-12:50pmMathematics4130Mikhail Movshev

MAT 568 Differential Geometry
LEC 0181327TuTh 9:45am-11:05amEarth&Space183Xiuxiong Chen

MAT 598 Teaching Practicum
Meets with MAT 475
LEC 0181328MF 1:00pm- 2:20pmEarth&Space079Scott Sutherland

MAT 599 M.A. Research
Note: For class #, consult schedule on SOLAR SYSTEM website. S/U grading only.

MAT 614 Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Using Algebraic Geometry
LEC 0195798TuTh11:30am-12:50pmMathematics4130Jason Starr

MAT 626 Topics in Complex Analysis: Quasiconformal Mapping, Sobolev Spaces, and Removability of Fractals
LEC 0195799MW 9:45am-11:05amMathematics4130Dimitrios Ntalampekos

MAT 633 Topics in Differential Equations: Mathematics Aspects of Fluid Dynamics
LEC 0195800TuTh 3:00pm- 4:20pmPhysicsP116Theodore Drivas

MAT 644 Topics in Differential Geometry: Seiberg-Witten Theory
LEC 0187021TuTh 1:15pm- 2:35pmEarth&Space181Christopher Gerig

MAT 656 Topics in Dynamical Systems: Teichmuller Dynamics
LEC 0194561MW11:30am-12:50pmMathematicsP131Samuel Grushevsky

MAT 682 Topics in Differential Geometry: Self-Dual 4-Manifolds
LEC 0187773TuTh11:30am-12:50pmEarth&Space181Claude LeBrun

MAT 696 Mathematics Seminar
S0181330F 1:00pm- 3:00pmMathematics4130Dennis Sullivan

MAT 697 Mathematics Colloquium
S0182180Th 4:00pm- 6:00pmMathematicsP131 

MAT 698 Independent Study
Note: For class #, consult schedule on SOLAR SYSTEM website.

MAT 699 Dissertation Research on-Campus
Note: For class #, consult schedule on SOLAR SYSTEM website.

MAT 700 Dissertation off-Campus Domestic

MAT 701 Dissertation off-Campus International