Title: Linear Algebra

Description: Finite dimensional vector spaces, linear maps, dual spaces, bilinear functions, inner products. Additional topics such as canonical forms, multilinear algebra, numerical linear algebra.

Prerequisite: C or higher in MAT 211 or 305 or 308 or AMS 210; C or higher in MAT 200 or MAT 250 or permission of instructor

Credits: 4


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Major Topics Covered: 

  • Matrices and Operations on Matrices
  • Determinants of Matrices
  • Vector Spaces and Subspaces
  • Linear Transformations and Linear Operators
  • Kernels and Images
  • Basis for Vector Space and the Dimension of a Vector Space
  • Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors and the Diagonalization of Linear Operators
  • the Cayley-Hamilton Theorem
  • Inner Product Spaces
  • Selfadjoint Operators, Normal Operators, and Orthogonal Operators
  • the Spectral Theorem

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