1:00pm Linda Keen (City University of New York)
2:30pm Siddhi Krishna (Columbia University)
SCGP 102
Congratulations to our very own Theodore Drivas for this award from the National Science Foundation!
With a special tribute to David Ebin on the occasion of his 80th birthday and retirement.
January 16-20, 2023
Join us via Zoom!
September 30–December 7, 2022
The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics (SCGP) is honored to present artwork by Moira Chas, Johnathan Hopp, and LoVid.
Stony Brook Math Day is a one-day festival on October 3rd for all undergraduate math majors. Come hear talks by Lisa Berger, Robert Hough, Joseph Mitchell, and Dennis Sullivan.
Jordan Fiore Rainone
August 9th, 8:30am
Math Tower, Room 5-127
Zhuang Tao
August 8th, 10am
Math Tower, Room 5-127
Jiasheng Teh
August 5th, 7:30pm
Math Tower, Room 5-127
Saman Habibi Esfahani
August 4th, 3pm
Math Tower, Room 5-127