Quanta Magazine recently published an article on the Mandelbrot set, featuring SBU math faculty Misha Lyubich and Dima Dudko extensively.
For his paper Nicole Oresme and the Revival of Medieval Mathematics, winner of the Mathematical Association of America's SIGMAA 2023 Student Paper Contest

Contest - Mathematical Association of America's SIGMAA 2023 Student Paper Contest

Jiahao Hu
December 4, 10:30am
Math Tower, P-131
November 7-9, 2023 at 4pm in SCGP 102
Speaker: Professor Jacob Tsimerman (University of Toronto)
Friday at 12pm in Math Tower 4-130
Friday at 12pm in Math Tower 4-130
Two space is special as evidenced by the theory of one complex variable and Riemann surfaces.
Three space is special because our physical reality including  biology  takes place there. In three dimensions mathematical mysteries related to geometry, analysis and mathematical physics are more abundant.
Like 3D  fluid motion, non-perturbative quantum field theory and quantum gravity.
Might these mysteries be also studied using a combinatorial understanding of why three space is special for chemistry, biology and physics?
This question will be pursued in the class using notions from combinatorial topology together with the idea that combinatorics used as in coin-flipping guided walks lead naturally into measure theory and probability theory.