Title: Mathematical Thinking

Description: Development of quantitative thinking and problem solving abilities through a selection of mathematical topics: logic and reasoning; numbers, functions, and modeling; combinatorics and probability; growth and change. Other topics may include geometry, statistics, game theory, and graph theory. Through their engagement in problem solving, students develop an appreciation of the intellectual scope of mathematics and its connections with other disciplines.

Prerequisite: C or better in MAP 103 or level 2+ or higher on the mathematics placement examination (Prerequisite must be met within one year of beginning this course.)



Credits: 3


   Note: Subject to change - do not buy before confirming with the course instructor

Major Topics Covered: 

  • Mathematics Behind Elections, Power and Sharing
  • Networks and Graphs
  • Population Growth Models
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio
  • Probabilities and Expectations

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