Math53: Ordinary Differential Equations

Stanford University            Autumn 2004



The final exams have been graded. The solutions are posted below.

If you want to take a look at your final exam, please stop by my office. I will be out of town for the first two weeks of January. After that I will be in my office somewhat irregularly, so you might want to send me an e-mail first.


Course Instructor

Name: Aleksey Zinger     Office: 380-383B     Phone: 723-1872     E-mail:
Office Hours: Tues. 11-12 and Thurs. 10-11 in 383UU, Sun. 5-7 in 383N, and by appointment


Course Assistants

Name     Office     E-mail     Office Hours
Ken Chan 380-380U1 M 9-11am, Th 6-8pm, F 4-6pm
Ziyu Zhang 380-380T Tu 6-8pm, WF 845-1045am

SUMO Tutoring

The Stanford University Mathematics Organization (SUMO) provides a free tutoring service for students in the Math50s sequence. This tutoring service is available 6-10p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays, in 380-381T, on the first floor of the math building.


Course Description

This is an introductory course in ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The primary focus will be on techniques for finding explicit solutions to linear ODEs. We will also study some nonlinear equations, elementary numerical methods, and ways of qualitatively describing solutions of ODEs without solving them explicitly.


Course Time and Location

MTWRF 2:15-3:05      Rm: Mudd Chemical Building, Rm 101, Braun Auditorium


Course Handouts

General    Info, Revised 10/4 (.ps,.pdf)      Schedule (.ps, .pdf)      Preview (.ps, .pdf)
Homework    Assignment 1 (.ps,.pdf)        PS1 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
Assignment 2 (.ps,.pdf)        PS2 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 3 (.ps,.pdf)        PS3 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 4 (.ps,.pdf)        PS4 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 5 (.ps,.pdf)        PS5 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 6 (.ps,.pdf)        PS6 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 7 (.ps,.pdf)        PS7 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Assignment 8 (.ps,.pdf)        PS8 Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
Exams    Midterm I Info (.ps,.pdf)    Practice Tests (.ps, .pdf)    Old Test (.ps,.pdf)    Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Midterm II Info (.ps,.pdf)   Practice Tests (.ps, .pdf)    Old Test (.ps,.pdf)    Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
   Final Exam Info (.ps,.pdf)   Practice Problems (.ps,.pdf)   Old Exam (.ps,.pdf)   Solutions (.ps,.pdf)
Summaries    Unit 1 (.ps,.pdf)      Unit 2 (.ps,.pdf)      Unit 3 (.ps,.pdf)
   Unit 4 (.ps,.pdf)      Unit 5 (.ps,.pdf)      Unit 6 (.ps,.pdf)     
Other    Solution Guide to Practice Problems and Partial Course Summary (.ps,.pdf)     

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