A conference to celebrate Jack Milnor's 70th birthday.

March 9-11, 2001
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A retrospective on Lars V. Ahlfors and recent work and new directions in Teichmüller theory and Kleinian groups.

November 6-8, 1998

Celebrating Detlef Gromoll's 60th Birthday.

October 9-11, 1998

We plan to bring together people looking at laminations and foliations from different points of view in the hope that it will create fruitful interactions between somewhat separated fields.

May 18-24, 1998
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A special Geometry Festival in honor of James Simons on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

April 2-5, 1998
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A conference on Complex Analysis. In honor of Irwin Kra's 60th birthday.

February 15-17, 1997

April 22-24, 1994