2nd Stony Brook Mini-School in Geometry

April 9, 2014

1st Stony Brook Mini-School in Geometry

December 6, 2013

Radu Laza;, PhD, an assistant professor of mathematics, received his award for Advances in Hodge Theory and Moduli. His research area is algebraic geometry, which is concerned with the study of geometric objects defined by polynomial equations, specifically moduli spaces.  … 

Fall 2011 Workshop

October 28-30, 2011

A conference to celebrate Dennis Sullivan's 70th birthday.

May 26-June 4, 2011

A conference to celebrate Jack Milnor's 80th birthday.

February 21-25, 2011

A conference focussing on the recent homology theories which have revolutionized the study of low-dimensional topology.

June 21-25, 2010

February 11, 2010

Mathematics Professor Dennis Sullivan has been awarded the prestigious Wolf Prize in Mathematics, which is considered an equivalent of the Nobel Prize and worth $100,000. Sullivan, who was recognized for his innovative contributions to algebraic topology and conformal dynamics, will receive the award from President Shimon Peres and Education Minister and Wolf Foundation Council Chairman Gideon Sa’ar at the Israeli Knesset in May.  …