SUNY at Stony Brook

xiuxiong Chen

Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics

Office: Math 4-100B
Phone: (631) 632-8327
Fax: (631) 632-7631

Current teaching:


                              Fall 2019   MAT 341:    Applied Real Analysis .   Here is Course Webpage for Math 341

Past teaching:

                             Fall 2014   MAT 203:     Calculus III withapplications.   Here is Course Webpage for Mat 203
                                                MAT 682:     Advanced Topics in Differential Geometry: Complex Monge Ampere equations
                              Fall 2013   MAT 171:     Accelerated Single-Variable Calculus.   Here is Course webpage.

 Research interest:

                      Differential geometry; complex differential geometry, partial differential equations.
                     For a complete list of my publications, see MathSciNet
                     For recent research articles written see
A document concerning recent developments in Kahler-Einstein geometry document

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