Introductory Dynamics Lectures

These are not finished notes. Comments or corrections welcomed.

CONTENTS: (postscript) (pdf)

INTRODUCTION: 1. Chaotic Dynamics: Some History (postscript) (pdf)

2. Simplest Chaotic Systems (postscript) (pdf)

3. Probabilistic Methods (postscript) (pdf)

TOPOLOGICAL DYNAMICS: 4. Basic Concepts (postscript) (pdf)

5. Attraction and Repulsion (postscript) (pdf)

6. Counting Periodic Points (postscript) (pdf)

7. Dimension and Entropy (postscript) (pdf)

MEASURE DYNAMICS: 8. Introduction (postscript) (pdf)

9. Birkhoff Ergodic Theorem (postscript) (pdf)

10. Measure + Topology (postscript) (pdf)

DIFFERENTIABLE DYNAMICS: 11. Classical Mechanics (postscript) (pdf)

12. Liapunov Exponents (postscript) (pdf)

13. Expanding Maps (postscript) (pdf)

CIRCLE MAPS: 14. Rotation Number (postscript) (pdf)

15. Denjoy's Theorem (postscript) (pdf)

16. Dependence on Parameters (postscript) (pdf)

APPENDIX: Perron-Frobenius Theorem (postscript) (pdf)

REFERENCES: (postscript) (pdf)