MAT 310 Exam Information

The first exam was on Wednesday, March 9, in class. It was intended to be an hour long, but I gave people as much as an additional 60 minutes if they wanted it. It covered through section 3.4 of the text.

Performance on the exam was very mixed. Scores ranged from a low of zero to a high of 99. The mean was between 47 and 48, as was the median. There were 4 scores above 90, and 4 below 10. This is summarized in the chart on the left. There is a strong correlation between homework scores and the scores on the exam, which is demonstrated by the graph on the right.

grade chart hw vs exam1

If you rewrite the solution to problem 5 of the exam, carefully, completely and correctly, you can use it for one part of the math major writing requirement. If you turn in your writeup to me on or before March 30, you'll get up to 10 points of extra credit on your homework score.

The second exam was Friday, April 29. It focused on material from the last half of chapter 3, and the sections we covered in chapter 6.

Similar to the first exam, scores on the exam ranged from a low of 1 to a high of 99. The mean was again close to 50, though the median was higher (54.5).

Grade distribution for Exam 2
exam2 grades

Just in case you wish to relive the experience, here is the second midterm, and here are the solutions.

The final will be on Friday, May 13 at the unpleasantly early hour of 8 in the morning. It will be cumulative, covering all the material in the course, including material on the Jordan form and inner products.

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