SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 131: Calculus I
Fall 2011


All offices are in the Math tower. MLC stands for Math Learning Center, located in the basement of the math tower (room S-240); P-143 is the undegraduate math office located on the ground floor (P level) of the math tower, across the hall from the elevators.

Section Instructor email Office Office hours
Lecture 1 (MWF 9:35-10:30) Joshua Bowman bowman at 3-114 Mon, Th 1:15-2:15 in 3-114;
Mon 2:20-3:20 in P-143
Lecture 2 (MW 5:20PM-6:45PM) Tatiana Firsova tanya at 5D-148
Lecture 3 (TuTh 9:50-11:10) Alexander Kirillov
(Course coordinator)
kirillov at 3-112 Wed 11-12; Th 12:30-2 in P-143
Rec. 01, Rec 11 Lloyd Smith lloyd at S240C Th 5-6pm
Rec. 04, Rec 09 Long Li llong
Rec 5, Rec 13 Fadi Elkhatib felkhatib at Physics C114 Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00
Rec 06 Lilya Lyubich lilya at 3-110 MW 10:40-11:40 in MLC;
Th 11:30-12:30 in 3-110
Rec 07, Rec. 08 Tsung-Yin Lin tslin at
Rec. 12 Raquel Perales praquel at