SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 131: Calculus I
Fall 2011

Welcome to MAT 131

MAT 131 is the first course in the 2-semester single variable calculus sequence. It covers limits, continuous functions, derivatives and their applications, antiderivatives and Fundamental Theorem of calculus.

The course goes very quickly. Students who would like to learn the same material at a more leisurely pace should take MAT 125. The three-semester sequence MAT 125-126-127 covers the same material as the two-semester sequence MAT 131-132.

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Dear all: the course is over. the grades are in! If you have a question about your grade, please contact your lecturer. Please understand that he or she may be traveling during Christmas break, so do not expect an immediate answer.

For your convenience, the solutions to the final exam are a available here.

Solutions to the practice final are available here.
The semester is over - it is time to get prepared for the final exam. You can read all about the final exam and preparing for it here.
Also, you can find practice problems for the last section we covered (Substitution rule) posted on WebAssign. This is an optiona assignment; it does not count towars your grade.