Jack Burkart

      Stony Brook Univeristy
      Department of Mathematics
      Email: jack.burkart[at]stonybrook.edu
      Office: 2-105, Math Tower
      Office Hours: Monday, 1:00-2:00, also by appointment.
      MLC Hours: Monday, 4:00-6:00. The MLC is on the SL floor (the bottom one) in the Math Tower

      About Me

      I'm a fifth year math Ph.D student at Stony Brook. I'm interested in topics related to complex analysis and complex dynamics. My advisor is Prof. Chris Bishop. My CV contains more details about my academic and professional activities.

      I recently started a math blog qcjb. I browse and occassionaly contribute to some specialty areas of Math Overflow and Math StackExchange.


      This semester, I am a recitation instructor for MAT 203 - Calculus III with Applications. My office and MLC hours are on the top of the webpage. You are encouraged to reach out to me to schedule an alternative appointment, and feel free to just swing by to see if my door is open!

      • Recitation R20 meets in Physics P-127 on Mondays from 12:00-12:53.
      • Recitation R03/R23 meets in Physics P-130 on Mondays from 2:30-3:23. Note that this recitation has students from both lectures.


      Transcendental Julia sets with Fractional Packing Dimension. See below for less technical slides summarizing the paper.

      Some Other Links

      • Some slides on dimension and holomorphic dynamics
      • My slides from TCD 2017 in Barcelona, describing the construction of a transcendental entire function with a Julia set of dimension 1.
      • My slides from TCD 2019 in Barcelona, describing the construction of a transcendental entire functions with fractional packing dimension.
      • Spring 2018 Analysis Student Seminar Brownian Motion.
      • Fall 2018 Analysis Student Seminar: SLE.