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Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center in Bedlewo, Poland
April 7-12, 2019

The conference will focus on recent developments and breakthroughs in Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory and Geometric Measure Theory. In particular the conference will cover a very broad spectrum of topics including conformal and holomorphic dynamical systems, rational functions and transcendental iteration, thermodynamic formalism, fractal geometry, random dynamical systems, infinite ergodic theory, one dimensional dynamics and Diophantine approximation. The conference will also take the opportunity to honor the career of Mariusz Urbański (on the occasion of his 60th birthday) who has made fundamental contributions to all of these topics.ed by Kostya Khanin, Elon Lindenstrauss, Jens Marklof, Yakov Pesin, Peter Sarnak.

The meeting will include both research talks and short minicourses.

Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
March 25-29, 2019

This year's edition will be special in that it will coincide with the final conference for the Marie Sklodowska Curie Project (IF) 'Combinatorics in transcendental dynamics’. For this reason, we would like to bring together (experienced and junior) researchers in holomorphic dynamics from several different perspectives.  There will be  four minicourses  given by  Misha Lyubich, Han Peters, Lasse Rempe-Gillen, and  Pascale Roesch. Additionally there will be lectures and contributed short talks.

Participants who wish to give a short talk are welcome to submit a title and abstract, and we will do our best to give everyone a chance to speak.

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
March 14-16, 2019

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) will host the 53rd Annual Spring Topology and Dynamical Systems Conference, March 14-16, 2019 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Moscow, Russia
December 18-23, 2017

The conference Contemporary mathematics marks the 80th birthday of Vladimir Arnold  (1937-2010). The Conference will take place in December 18-23, 2017 in Moscow, Russia. The Conference will cover such subjects as Singularity theory, Topology, Differential equations and Dynamical systems, Mathematical Physics, Representation theory, Algebraic geometry, which fall into the domain of interest of Vladimir Arnold. There will be around 20 plenary speakers and around 40 sectional speakers. Financial support for invited speakers and young participants is expected.

RIMS, Kyoto, Japan
December 11–15, 2017

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
October 2 - 4, 2017

Workshop "Dynamical Systems and Perturbations" in occasion with Sergei Pilyugin 70th birthday which will take place in the Euler International Mathematical Institute, Saint-Petersburg, 2-4 October 2017.

The following sessions are planned:
-  shadowing theory of approximate trajectories 
-  hyperbolicity and structural stability
-  spaces of dynamical systems and generic dynamics
-  evolutionary equations
-  group actions
-  parameter identifiable systems
-  free topics.

The Scientific and Organizing Committee:
Natalia Ampilova (St.Petersburg State University)
Vyacheslav Grines (HSE Nizhny Novgorod)
Yuliy Ilyashenko (HSE, MSU, Cornell)
Anastasia Rodionova (St.Petersburg State University)
Stanislav Smirnov (St.Petersburg State University/University of Geneva)
Sergey Tikhomirov (St.Petersburg State University)

University of British Columbia
July 30, 2017 - August 4, 2017

This conference will focus on areas of current interest that are broadly related to the work of Rufus Bowen.

Confirmed Speakers:
Lewis Bowen, University of Texas at Austin
Jérôme Buzzi, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay
Jean-René Chazottes, CPHT, École Polytechnique
Vaughn Climenhaga, University of Houston
Ursula Hamenstädt, Universität Bonn
Mike Hochman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Anatole Katok, Pennsylvania State University
Ronnie Pavlov, University of Denver
Yakov Pesin, Pennsylvania State University
Mark Pollicott, University of Warwick
Enrique Pujals, IMPA
Ian Putnam, University of Victoria
David Ruelle, IHES
Omri Sarig, Weizmann Institute
Caroline Series, University of Warwick
Steve Smale, University of California at Berkeley
Masato Tsujii, Kyushu University
Benjamin Weiss, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Lai-sang Young, Courant Institute, NYU

Organizing Committee:
John Franks, Northwestern University
Kostya Khanin, University of Toronto
François Ledrappier, University of Notre Dame and Université Paris 6
Douglas Lind, University of Washington
Brian Marcus, University of British Columbia

Northwestern University, Illinois
July 24-August 11, 2017

The theme is PDE, and there will be topics covered that should be of interest to any future/current researcher in dynamics! The first week of the program is aimed at advanced undergraduates, especially those who will enter graduate school in the Fall.  The second week is intended for beginning graduate students, and the third week for advanced graduate students and postdocs.  

In particular, there is a (soft) deadline of March 1 for registration.  

Funding is available for US citizens and permanent residents.

Organizing Committee

The Fields Institute, Toronto Canada
July 17-21, 2017

We expect to have a limited amount of financial support available for qualified junior participants. A registration link will soon appear on the web page.

The Organizers:
Araceli Bonifant, University of Rhode Island
Luna Lomonaco, University of São Paulo
Eva Uhre, Roskilde University
Michael Yampolsky, University of Toronto

Pingree Park, Colorado
July 17 - 20, 2017

Applications are now being accepted for the 6th Pingree Park Dynamical Systems Workshop, July 17th-20th, 2017. (See instructions below.) The focus will be on topological dynamics and ergodic theory, with a particular emphasis on symbolic dynamics. We will have three minicourses given by Emmanuel Jeandel (University of Lorraine), Anthony Quas (University of Victoria), and Ayse Sahin (Wright State University), as well as assorted shorter talks. More information can be found at the conference webpage at

Funding comes from NSF grant DMS-1700430 and the University of Denver. Local costs for participants will be covered - transportation from the University of Denver to Pingree Park on July 16th, transportation from Pingree Park to Denver International Airport on July 21st, and room and board at Pingree Park. Some limited amount of funding is available to support travel; graduate students and early-career mathematicians will receive top priority for funding.

To apply, please send the following information to Nic Ormes (

1.  A current CV with publication list

2.  Whether you would be interested in speaking

3.  Whether or not you would request travel funding from us

If you are a graduate student and don't have a CV, you can omit this, but make sure to include your name, institution, and Ph.D. advisor.

Due to the limited space at the facility, the number of participants will be limited to 36. Applications must be submitted by FEBRUARY 10, 2017 to receive full consideration, though they may be sent at any time. We hope to start selecting participants shortly thereafter.

  1. Nic Ormes (organizer), University of Denver
  2. Ronnie Pavlov (organizer), University of Denver