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University of Maryland
March 18-21, 2006

Part of the semiannual series of meetings held by the University of Maryland and Penn State University, the Spring 2006 conference will cover a broad scope of topics in Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Physics, and other areas related to the pioneering research of Yakov G. Sinai. It will be preceded by a colloquium on March 17 by Gregory Margulis.

Yale University
Feb 24-27, 2006

Speakers: H. Ables, N. Alon, M. Burger, S. G. Dani, A. Eskin, H. Furstenberg, F. Grunewald, A. Katok, D. Kazhdan, E. Lindenstrauss, S. Mozes, M. S. Raghunathan, P. Sarnak, Y. Shalom, Y. T. Siu, R. Zimmer

Organizers: A. Casson, A. Lubotzky, D. Kleinbock, H. Oh

Gijon, Spain
February 6-10, 2006

This is the Third Winter School in Dynamical Systems of the DANCE (Dinmica, Atractores y Nolinealidad: Caos y Estabilidad) spanish network. This series of winter schools aims at training their participants both theoretically and in applications in the field of the nonlinear science; with the aim that theory and applications enforce each other. This will be done in an atmosphere of informal discussion, interchange of ideas and critical discussion of results. Attention will be paid to the numerical and computational issues. These winter schools should help the basic training of young researchers, whilst opening new fields for senior ones.


* Shui-Nee Chow (Georgia Tech) & John Mallet-Paret (Brown University) Lattice Dynamical Systems and Applications

* Rafael Ortega (Universidad de Granada) Topology of the plane and periodic differential equations

* Edriss S. Titi (University of California) Finite dimensional long-term dynamics of infinite dimensional dissipative evolution equations and their numerical reduction methods

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
January 16 - 18,2006

The 5th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Statistics, Mathematics and Related Fields will be held from January 16 (Monday) to January 18 (Wednesday), 2006 at the Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu. "Oahu" is often nicknamed "the gathering place". The 2006 Hawaii International Conference on Statistics, Mathematics and Related Fields will be the gathering place for academicians and professionals from statistics and mathematics related fields from all over the world.

The main goal of the 2006 Hawaii International Conference on Statistics, Mathematics and Related Fields is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various statistics and/or mathematics related fields from all over the world to come together and learn from each other. An additional goal of the conference is to provide a place for academicians and professionals with cross-disciplinary interests related to statistics and mathematics to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines.

The 2005 conference was a great success! Last year's conference was attended by more than 200 participants representing more than 25 countries.

Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel)
ORT Braude Academic College for Engineering (Karmiel, Israel)
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel)
January 2-6, 2006

The conference will be devoted to Complex Function Theory, Quasiconformal Mappings, Complex Dynamical Systems and their Applications with special sessions in honor of D. Aharonov, L. Aizenberg, S. Krushkal and U. Srebro

Exeter, Great Britain
December 13 - 16, 2005

The theme of this workshop is to discuss recent developments in geometric dynamics with singularities, and a number of related topics with the particular goal of faciliting informal interactions among participants in different areas. Aspects include:

* Interval exchanges and piecewise isometries
* Geometric methods for nonhyperbolic systems
* Topological and measure dynamics
* Substitution systems defined by geometric systems
* Algebraic dynamics
* Applications in physical and other systems

The workshop is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the United Kingdom (EPSRC).

The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto Canada
November 16-20 2005

The program spans 3 full days, 17-19 November 2005. It contains a mixture of plenary sessions, parallel scientific sessions that include both expert invited presentations and submitted oral abstracts, dedicated poster sessions, breakfast workshops, and a lunchtime panel discussion. Delegates will have ample choice to attend sessions of interest. For trainees and young investigators, the program will include a welcome reception, meet-the-professor breakfasts, and awards for outstanding abstracts. The conference dinner promises to be fun, and there will be plenty of time for informal networking.

Leon, Guanajuato, MEXICO
4-7 October 2005

The CSDS-2005 will feature the latest research in theory of control and synchronization of complex systems and its applications in different areas of science and engineering, including optics, electronics, mechanics, chemistry, medicine, economy, telecommunication, etc. The conference brings together researchers, both theoreticians and experimentalists, from different fields of science to provide an excellent opportunity for sharing ideas and problems among specialists in controlling dynamical systems and synchronization.

Bressanone, South Tirol, Italy
19-23 September 2005

Dedicated to Yasha Sinai's seventieth birthday.

San Martino al Cimino (Viterbo, Italy)
11-16 September 2005

The "Fourth Meeting on Celestial Mechanics - CELMEC IV" will take place in San Martino al Cimino (Viterbo, Italy) during the period 11-16 September 2005. Updated information is available from the web site at

The meeting will cover the following subjects:

(dynamical systems, their stability and evolution);

(dynamics of solar system bodies and of stellar interactions);

(motion of spacecrafts for near-Earth and interplanetary missions).

The organizing committee is composed by
* Alessandra Celletti - Dipt. di Matematica, Univ. di Roma "Tor Vergata"
* Andrea Milani - Dipt. di Matematica, Universita' di Pisa
* Ettore Perozzi - Studi e Progetti Innovativi - Telespazio Spa, Roma
* Giovanni B. Valsecchi - Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica - IASF, Roma