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University of Leeds
7-11 April 2008

Alastair Rucklidge

This school is intended for PhD students interested in Nonlinear Dynamics, Bifurcation Theory, Pattern Formation, and other applications where Symmetry is an important feature. The courses are directed at Nonlinear Dynamics graduate students of all levels, and have no non-standard prerequisites. Prior knowledge is not required, but there should be something interesting in the courses even for those students who already have a good background in the field. Research students and post-docs are warmly encouraged to attend.
The first four days of the School will comprise lectures covering a variety of topics in Bifurcation, Symmetry and Pattern Formation:

* Local and global bifuraction theory
* Equivariant bifurcation theory and pattern formation
* Global bifurcations with symmetry
* Examples and applications

University of Maryland, College Park, MD
March 15-18, 2008

Organizing Committee

    Werner Ballmann, Bonn
    Mike Boyle, Maryland
    Keith Burns, Northwestern
    Dmitry Dolgopyat, Maryland
    Anatoly Katok, Penn State
    Yakov Pesin, Penn State
    Amie Wilkinson, Northwestern

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, USA
March 13-15, 2008

CIRM in Marseille, France
February 4 - 7 2008

The themes of the workshop range from Hamiltonian PDE, Arnold diffusion, hyperbolic systems, limit laws and non-equilibrium stationary states to random dynamics, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and equilibrium statistical mechanics, to mention a few.

The goal is to favor interactions between different topics, yet each week will have a special focus. Planned minicourses by: Bernard, Kaloshin, Kuksin, Gouezel, Keller, Tsujii, Benettin, Sphon, Terracini, Gayrard, Martinelli, Olivieri, Toninelli.
Some financial support for young researchers is expected.

98th Statistical Mechanics Conference
Rutgers University
December 16-18, 2007

At this meeting we will celebrate the achievements of five distinguished experimental colleagues: Guenther Ahlers, Herman Cummins, Jerry Gollub, Anneke Sengers, and Harry Swinney.
The list of tentative titles include:

* Guenter Ahlers: The large-scale circulation in Rayleigh-Benard convection: A dynamical system driven by the fury of turbulence!

* Herman Cummins: Light-Scattering Spectroscopy of Phase Transitions: From Liquid-Vapor to Liquid-Glass and Liquid-Gel

* Jerry Gollub: Curvature Fields, Topology, and the Dynamics of Spatiotemporal Chaos

* Anneke Sengers: Women for Science - Retrospective and Outlook

* Harry Swinney: Volume fluctuations, an invariant distribution, and a phase transition in a static granular medium


* Mahesh Bandi: Dynamics of the Jamming Transition

* Andrea Bertozzi: Swarming by Nature and by Design

* Lesser Blum: The Analytical Solution of the Extended Soft Binding Mean Spherical Approximation

* Bulbul Chakraborty: Phase Space for Jamming: A statistical ensemble for granular packings

* Susan Coppersmith: Using the renormalization group to classify Boolean functions

* Siegfried Dietrich: Critical Casimir Forces

* Charles Doering: Statistical steady state mixing measures and effective diffusivities

* Alexander Figotin: Nonlinear dynamics of a system of particle-like wavepackets

* Michael Fisher: TBA

* Gabor Forgacs: Computational tissue-engineering: relating biophysical properties across scales from the subcellular to the organ level

* Seth Fraden: The Phase Chip Manipulating Phase Diagrams with Microfluidics

* Peter Fratzl: Natural materials as mechanical devices

* Sharon Glotzer: TBA

* Italo Guarneri: Accelerator Modes in Cold Atom Optics

* Pierre Hohenberg: TBA

* Stanislas Leibler: TBA

* Jackson Mayo: Front propagation in random media: An application of Burgers turbulence and directed polymers

* Zohar Nussinov: Inhomogeneous orders, glassy dynamics, and unusual thermodynamics on curved surfaces and frustrated systems

* Adrian Parsegian: Polymers Confined: in cells, in test tubes, and in brushes

* David Pine: A nonequilibrium dynamical transition in periodically strained suspensions

* Mark Ratner: TBA

* Daniel Rothman: Time-Dependent Reactivity in Earth's Carbon Cycle

* Beate Schmittmann: Lack of consensus in social systems

* Eugene Shakhnovich: How statistical mechanics of proteins shapes biological evolution

* Alan Sokal: Fermionic (Grassmann) representation for spanning (hyper)forests and other combinatorial objects

* Gene Stanley: New Results on Water in Bulk, Nanoconfined, and Biological Environments

* Henk VanBeijeren: Green-Kubo for solids

* Michael Vogelius: Electromagnetic cloaking and near-cloaking of objects

* John Weeks: Structure of water near charged or hydrophobic walls

* Ron Weiss: Synthetic biology: from bacteria to stem cells

* Ben Widom: Effect of a solute on the structure and energetics of its solvent - and vice versa

* Michael Widom: Target gene identification for RNA interference

* Robert Ziff: Percolation and the Quasi-static state of dynamical processes

Imperial College London
19-23 November, 2007

This consists of four one-week schools in different locations around the UK and on different topics in Dynamics. The general level of the schools is introductory to intermediate and in particular the schools are specifically aimed at graduate students and researchers who are not necessarily specialists in the topic of the school. The first school will take place at

Imperial College London, 19-23 November, on the topic of

Analysis and Applications of Partial Differential Equations
Stochastic and Random Dynamics.

Four minicourses will be offered:

Vitor Araujo (UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro)
An Introduction to stochastic stability for discrete dynamical systems

Alexander Bufetov (Rice University, USA)
An introduction to entropy

Jean-Rene Chazottes (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)
An introduction to fluctuations of observables in ergodic theory

Greg Pavliotis (Imperial College London)
An introduction to random perturbations in continuous time

November 5 - 9, 2007

Organized By: Noel Brady, Mike Davis, Mark Feighn

Penn State University Park
October 18-21, 2007


John Clemens, Penn State
Giovanni Forni, Maryland
Marian Gidea, Northeastern Illinois
Andrey Gogolev, Penn State
Larry Guth*, Stanford
Boris Hasselblatt, Tufts
Vadim Kaloshin, Maryland and Penn State
Vitali Kapovich*, Toronto
John Mather, Princeton
Hee Oh, Brown
Stephen Simpson, Penn State
Marcelo Viana, IMPA
Benjamin Weiss, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Yuri Zarhin*, Penn State
Wolfgang Ziller*, University of Pennsylvania

* Geometry session speaker

Anatole Katok
Svetlana Katok

Geometry Special Session organized by Dmitri Burago

Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut
October 13-14, 2007


Louis Block,
Alexander Blokh,
Hillel Furstenberg,
Aimee Johnson,
Bryna Kra,
Bruce Kitchens,
Brian Marcus,
Michal Misiurewicz,
Zbigniew Nitecki,
Karl Petersen,
Aimee Wilkinson
James Yorke.

Organizing Committee
Petra Bonfert-Taylor
Adam Fieldsteel
Michael Keane
Edward Taylor