Stony Brook MAT123 Intro to Calculus   Spring 2015

MAT 123 - Intro to Calculus

Stony Brook University - Spring 2015

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Announcements about the course will be posted here. Please check the site regularly for announcements (which will also be given in lecture and/or in recitation).

Course Description

The description in the undergraduate bulletin: Comprehensive preparation for the regular calculus sequences, with introduction to derivatives. Careful development of rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, and their applications. Asymptotics and limits. Linear approximations, slope and derivatives, detailed curve sketching. General modeling examples. This course has been designated as a High Demand/Controlled Access (HD/CA) course. Students registering for HD/CA courses for the first time will have priority to do so.

Course Prerequisites

In order to take MAT 123, you must have either

See the document first year mathematics at Stony Brook for more information about the math placement exam and other calculus courses. Please note. The prerequisite must have been satisfied within one year prior to beginning the course.

Course Learning Objectives

Successful completion of this course with a grade of C or higher satisfies the DEC C and SBC QPS requirements. The course learning objectives include the following. List of key course skills.

Course Requirements

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Readings and WebAssign

Please follow this link for the calendar of assigned readings and WebAssign assignments.



Precalculus: A Prelude to Calculus, Second Edition, by Sheldon Axler available at the University Bookstore @ Stony Brook. The course material bundle from the bookstore includes an access code for WebAssign, which we will be using this semester. You are free to purchase the textbook elsewhere, but then you will need to buy stand-alone access for WebAssign. You can get electronic access to the text together with WebAssign access at WebAssign. Students are encouraged to explore all options to find the best value in purchasing course materials.

Grading System

Core Competency Exams.

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