MAT 312

Title: Applied Algebra (crosslisted with AMS 351)

Description: Topics in algebra: groups, informal set theory, relations, homomorphisms. Applications: error correcting codes, Burnside's theorem, computational complexity, Chinese remainder theorem. This course is offered as both AMS 351 and MAT 312.

Prerequisite: C or higher in AMS 210 or MAT 211

Advisory Prerequiste: MAT 200 or CSE 113

Credits: 3


  • Numbers, Groups and Codes, by J. F. Humphreys and M. Y. Prest (2nd edition)

Major Topics Covered: 

  • Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, Modular Arithmetic Including Multiplicative Structure and Applications to Public Key Cryptography, Permutations of a Finite Set Including Signs of Permutations, Abstract Groups, Subgroups and Groups Sets Including Lagrange's Theorem and Burnside's Theorem, Polynomial Arithmetic Including the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra and Field Extensions Associated to Irreducible Univariate Polynomials

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