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Stony Brook University
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(For biographical information and publication list, see Vita).

History of Mathematics


How to turn the sphere inside-out
50+ years of Sphere Eversions

Impossible Configurations

What's New
in Mathematics

of curves on surfaces

1. Punctured Torus
2. "Pair of Pants"
3. Polynomial patterns

Geometry of the Binary
Tetrahedral Group in SU(2)

Through Mazes

to Mathematics

Tides and tide prediction

including The Song of the Tides

Knots to a Mathematician
Very short lectures on knots
by various topologists.
And more, including

A Day in the Life of a Knot
co-director Pam Davis

Math Photo Album

Fine Hall
in the Early 60s

Pictures by Jay Goldman

The Milnor
Millenium Orchestra

If Possible, Do Nothing ...

an interview with S. S. Chern,
Los Angeles, July 1990

Eight Boys Bound

illustrating Robert Wells'
Cobordism of Immersions:
8 copies of Boys' Surface
are immersion-cobordant to zero.
Super-8 original: January 1977

Symmetries in Pre-Incan
Peruvian Textiles

Surface topology
in the canons of J. S. Bach

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