The John Milnor Millenium Festival Orchestra

(AKA The Stony Brook Dynamical Orchestra)

performs the Toy Symphony, 2/21/00

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The Orchestra

The Conductor
Markus Förster

Dierk Schleicher
whose idea this was.

The String Section
Lasse Rempe, Violin I
Amy Ksir, Oboe
Detlef Gromoll, Violin II
Mark Barsamian, Viola
Dusa McDuff, Cello

Rattles and Triangles
Susana Core, Rattles
Rodrigo Perez, Triangle
Markus Müller, Triangle

Andrew Comech
Tony Phillips

Dierk Schleicher

Trumpets and Drums
Kwan Yau, Tambourine
Sebastian Guttenberg, Trumpet
Olga Buse, Trumpet
Joe Coffey, Bass Drum

The Birthday Boy
Jack Milnor

The performance
(minus repeats)

April 17, 2000
Converted to mp3 May 22, 2015