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This video has a very clear explanation of how to make activities in Geogebra. It is an excellent resource for math teachers. 

Wednesday Dec 2nd

Make sure you read the Paper Checklist.

Here is a good  lecture about the history of calculus. 

A great read: the article The Truth About Isaac Newton’s Productive Plague

For those of you thinking about extra credit, below is some inspiration. 

Wednesday Dec 2nd.

  1. Fermat method to compute tangent line

Monday Nov 30th.

  1. Archimedes tangent to the parabola propositionArchimedes Proposition: If from a point …1… on a parabola a straight line…2.. be drawn which parallel or equal to the axis, and if the segment …3..  is a chord parallel to the tangent to the parabola at ..1.. and meeting …2.. in M, then …4… Conversely, if …4… , then  the chord …3.. will be parallel to the tangent at …1…
  2. Apollonius tangent to the parabola proposition.  Consider a line …5.., perpendicular to the axis of the parabola, and through point …6.., intersecting the axis at point ..7… Define point …8., so that …9(equality)…, where …10… is the vertex of the parabola. Then line…11.. is the tangent to the parabola at .12…