Mark McLean

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Notes from some of my talks

Floer Cohomology and Birational Geometry (ICM talk, July 2022). Video.
Complex cobordism, Hamiltonian loops and global Kuranishi charts.
Floer Cohomology and Arc Spaces
Computing Symplectic Homology of Affine Varieties in Workshop on Symplectic Field Theory VIII Aug16 (1.98MB) (Shorter version also involving symplectic cohomology instead of homology).
Minimal Log Discrepancy of Isolated Singularities and Reeb Orbits in Singular Landscapes, In honor of Bernard Teissier's 70th birthday Jun15 (733k)
Symplectic homology introduction at MSRI Aug09 (273k)
Exotic Stein manifolds at MIT May08 (394k). Notes by Denis Auroux.
The symplectic geometry of cotangent bundles and smooth affine varieties at Stony Brook (Feb 2013). Video (671k)

Some Animations

a bead on a wire
multiple beads on a wire

Invited Lectures