SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 319/320: Foundations of Analysis/Introduction to Analysis
Fall 2006


Announcements are listed in reverse choronological order: most recent announcement at the top.

The final exam has been graded, grades assigned and submitted. You can see your course grade in Solar; final exam grade is available in BlackBoard. I should say that am disappointed by the final exam results - median grade was about 30 out of 90.
If you want to see your final exam (for example, to use it for writing requirement) or have any other questions, contact me by email.
Happy holidays!
Reminder: Rob will have his review session on Monday, at 4pm, in Math Common Room; he will bring graded HW 10 to the review. In addition, solutions of HW 10 have been posted.
The classes are over, projects are graded -- the only thing left is the final exam.
The final exam will be cumulative and open book. More information and practice exam can be found here.
There will be a help session on Tu, 12/19, 3-4:30 pm, in Math P-131.
The projects are due today - and we discussed in class the schedule of presentations. If for some reason you missed the class and haven't scheduled your presentation, please contact me as soon as possible.
Homework 10 -- the last homework of the semester! -- and solutions of homework 9 have been posted.
Homework 9 and solutions of homework 8 have been posted.
Some important announcements:
  • The midterm on Friday will be a take-home midterm, due on Monday.
  • Since I now have to cover another class, for another professor, I have to move my Wed office hours. New time is Wed 3:30-4:30pm. Office hours on Th are unchanged.
  • Since we just started limtis involving infinity, you can skip problem 3 from HW8.
Solutions of homework 7 have been posted.
Midterm 2 is this Friday, Nov. 10. Here is the review sheet and practice exam.
Homework 8 is posted.
Solutions of homework 6 have been posted.
Homework 7 is posted.
List of projects has been posted here. Please review them, form groups, and let me know your group's list and choice of project by Wed, Nov. 1. The projects themselves are due by Dec. 4.
Also, solutions of homework 5 are now posted.
Homework 6 is posted.
Classes have split -- by now everyone should know whether he is in MAT 319 or has moved to MAT 320.
Date for midterm 2 has been set: it will be on Nov. 10.
Finally, solutions of homework 4 have been posted.
Homework 5 is posted.
The exam has been graded and returned to students. The results were OK given that you only had 55 minutes; median grade was about 28 out of 50.
We will be splitting classes MAT 319 and 320 starting next week. If you want to go to MAT 319, no action is required on your part. Those who want to go to MAT 320 should have signed up in today's lecture; if you want to go to MAT 320 and for some reason haven't signed up yet, let the professors know by Wednesday.
Finally, homework 4 (due this Friday) has been posted; since you only have 4 days to do it, it is shorter than usual.
Solutions of practice problems given out last Friday are now available.
Here is the review sheet and practice exam for Midterm 1. In addition, solutions of homework 3 are now available
Midterm 1 will be next Friday, Oct 6. Because of this, no homework was assigned on Sept 29. However, to help you prepare for the midterm, here are some practice problems on the material covered this week. These problems are optional - no need to hand them in.
Midterm will cover all the material covered so far, up to nested intervals property and decimals. More detailed information and review sheet will be posted online on Monday.
Solutions of homework 2 are now available.
Homework 3 is posted. Also, solutions for homework 1 are now available; solutions of HW 2 will be posted shortly.
Second homework posted.
First homework posted.