MAT 543 Complex Analysis II

TuTh 11:30 am - 12:50 pm, Mathematics 4130

The plan for this course is to cover a number of topics in Potential Theory. We will start with the classial Dirichlet Problem and the Green Function in the complex plane. This leads to discussion of capacity and harmonic measure. After the Dirichlet problem (and subharmonic functions, etc.) I will do a few topics in Several Complex Variables (SCV). I hope to then return to the original topic, and give an introduction to Pluri-Potential Theory.

"Pluri-Potential Theory" is just Potential Theory again, as it arises in SCV, as well as in Complex Dynamics and Kahler geometry.

One source we might use is Norm Levenberg's notes.

If you want to prepare for the upcoming semester, go to your favorite book on Complex Analysis, and read up on the Dirichlet Problem. At the beginning of this course, I will do the Dirichlet Problem from scratch. But if you have read about it already, you will be ahead of the game.

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