MAT 401: Undergraduate Seminar
Introduction to Enumerative Geometry

Stony Brook            Fall 2008



The last office hours of the semester will be on Monday, 12/15, 5-7 in 3-111 and on Tuesday, 12/16, 9-10, in P-143. While this is after the class is over and the last problem set is due, you are very much encouraged to stop by with whatever questions you might have.


Course Instructor

Name: Aleksey Zinger     E-mail: azinger@math     Phone: 432-8288
Office: Math Tower 3-111     Office Hours: Tu 5-7 in 3-111, W 9-10 in P-143


You do not need to write up solutions to the discussion exercises, but it is essential that you work through them prior to the corresponding discussion session. Written solutions to the homework exercises are due at the beginning of the class on the due date. Late homework will not be accepted.


Date TopicRead Homework
9/2, TuCourse overview and introduction Chapter 1 #1
9/4, Th
9/9, TuDiscussion of exercises
9/11, ThPlane curves and projective spaces Chapter 2 #2
9/16, TuEnumerative geometry of plane curves
9/18, ThDiscussion: plane conics
9/23, TuOverview of topology pp43-50#3
9/25, ThOverview of manifolds pp51-65
9/30, Tuno class
10/2, ThDiscussion: topology and Bezoit's Theorem
10/7, Tu
10/9, Thno class
10/14, TuTransverse intersections Chapters 5,6 #4
10/16, ThOrientations and boundaries of manifolds
10/21, TuIntersection theory
10/23, Th
10/28, Tu Discussion: Grassmannians of two-planes
10/30, Th
11/4, Tu
11/6, Th
11/11, TuLine bundlespp88-92 #5
11/13, ThOperations on line bundles
11/18, TuVector bundlesChapter 7
11/20, ThOperations on bundles and applications
11/25, TuOverview of vector bundles
11/27, Thno class
12/2, Tu Discussion: lines in projective spaces
12/4, Th
12/9, TuA classical problem #6
12/11, ThDiscussion: a modern solution
12/15, MoRecap and a look ahead

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