Stony Brook Mathematics
Schedule of Classes
Summer I 2121

Last Revised: Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 2:28 PM

Undergraduate Courses

MAT 118 Mathematical Thinking
Note: Synchronous Online
LEC 3062631FLEX 1:00am- 1:00amOnline Deb Wertz

MAT 123 Precalculus
LEC 3062591FLEX 1:00am- 1:00amOnline Thomas Rico
grdr     Thomas Rico

MAT 125 Calculus A
LEC 3062713FLEX 1:00am- 1:00amOnline Deb Wertz
grdr     Deb Wertz

MAT 126 Calculus B
Note: Synchronous Online
LEC 3062099TuTh 6:00pm- 9:25pmOnline Taras Kolomatski

MAT 131 Calculus I
Note: Course meets online synchronously
LEC 3061969MWTh 6:00pm- 9:00pmOnline Vinicius Canto Costa

MAT 200 Logic, Language and Proof
Note: Synchronous Online
LEC 3062058TuTh 1:30pm- 4:55pmOnline Dylan Galt
grdr     Dylan Galt

MAT 203 Calculus III with Applications
Note: Course meets online synchronously
LEC 3062320MWTh 9:30am-12:30pmOnline Paul Sweeney

MAT 211 Introduction to Linear Algebra
Note: Synchronous Online
LEC 3062100MWTh 6:00pm- 8:15pmOnline Mohamad Rabah
grdr     Mohamad Rabah

MAT 310 Linear Algebra
LEC 0165955MWTh 1:30pm- 4:30pmOnline Daniel An

MAT 341 Applied Real Analysis
Note: Course meets online synchronously
LEC 3062222MWTh 6:00pm- 8:15pmOnline Saman Habibi Esfahani

MAT 487 Indep Study in Special Topics

MAT 495 Honors Thesis

Graduate Courses

MAT 511 Fundamental Concepts of Math
Note: Synchronous Online
LEC 3062630TuTh 6:00pm- 9:25pmOnline Yao Xiao

MAT 599 M.A. Research

MAT 698 Independent Study

MAT 699 Dissertation Resrch on Campus