MAT331: Mathematical Problem Solving with Computers

Prof. Scott Sutherland, Stony Brook University
Fall 2019

Organizational Information

Maple Worksheets



As described in the syllabus, there will be several projects. These will appear below once they are assigned.
  • Project 1(pdf) (due 10/8) is related to least squares fitting. There are associated data files, with a data file for each student, named by NetID.
    Don't forget to explain what you are doing quite clearly. This counts as much as getting the correct answers.
  • Project 2(pdf) (due November 12) is a qualitative study of motorized glider flight. You might want to look at my analysis of the case k=0.9, which is available as a maple worksheet. Feel free to crib whatever you want from it.
  • Project 3(pdf) (due December 18) is on encryption.
To hand in your project, use the exercise submission page. You may either submit your project as a single maple worksheet, with the explanation and calculations together, or as a PDF file for the expository part and a separate maple worksheet.


More stuff will arrive here when there is more to put here. Until then, this page will remain the same, unless it changes. It last changed on Wed, 27 Nov 2019 at 9:57am