September 30–December 7, 2022
The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics (SCGP) is honored to present artwork by Moira Chas, Johnathan Hopp, and LoVid.
Stony Brook Math Day is a one-day festival on October 3rd for all undergraduate math majors. Come hear talks by Lisa Berger, Robert Hough, Joseph Mitchell, and Dennis Sullivan.
Jordan Fiore Rainone
August 9th, 8:30am
Math Tower, Room 5-127
Zhuang Tao
August 8th, 10am
Math Tower, Room 5-127
Jiasheng Teh
August 5th, 7:30pm
Math Tower, Room 5-127
Saman Habibi Esfahani
August 4th, 3pm
Math Tower, Room 5-127
Celebrating the class of 2022!
May 20th, 9am
Simons Center 103
Mohamed El Alami
May 16th, 4pm
Math Tower, Room P-131