MAT 200
Logic, Language, and Proof
Meets T/Th 11:20-12:40
SB Union 237

Stony Brook University
Fall 2002
Professor Sutherland

* Some logic problems from Lewis Carroll's "Symbolic Logic".

* Some additional problems, in PDF or HTML. The solutions are here as well (PDF or HTML), but don't look at them until you've tried the problems.    last updated .

* The Hotel Infinity (also PDF), an entertaining story about cardinality, written by Nancy Casey.

* The Geometry notes are now online for your reading pleasure. Note that these will likely change as we cover each section. They last changed on . There is also a PDF version of the whole thing. You can get the individual sections from the schedule page.

* You might find it useful to look at Oliver Byrne's colorfully illustrated version of Euclid's Elements (1847) or David Joyce's Java Animated Euclid's Elements.

* The Cut the Knot site is full of wonderful stuff. Of particular interest to this class is the section on Geometry and especially 39 proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem.

* Some people have asked for suggested alternatives to the text. One such is How to read and do proofs, by Daniel Solow (Wiley, 1990). I don't like this book nearly as much as our text, but you might find it helpful. It covers a lot less material, but is much more verbose.
Another is Mathematical Reasoning: writing and proof by Ted Sundstrom (Prentice-Hall, 2003). The material in this book is quite similar to that which we are using from our text, but the exposition differs, of course. At least one student found this book much easier to understand than Wolf's text.
Yet another is Introduction to Advanced Mathematics, by Barnier and Feldman (Prentice-Hall, 2000).
I suspect you can find many more in the library; these are just what I have around.







More stuff will arrive here when there is more to put here. Until then, this page will remain the same, unless it changes. (I last made a change on , or thereabouts. )