MAT 331: Mathematical Problem Solving with Computers

Fall 2008 - Prof. Moira Chas 

Homework and projects (under construction)

About the course (in pdf)
Grades are in Blackboard
Homework must be submitted through Blackboard (always reemember to remove output of the Maple file before uploading.)
Classes can be downloaded here.

The course text in html, in pdf
(written by Scott Sutherland and Santiago Simanca)

  •  Interesting and useful information about Maple can be found in Maplesoft website. For instance, you can download several manuals (Getting Started, User Manual, Introductory Programming Guide, etc).  You need to be a member to download these manuals, but membership is free.

  • Maple can be bough at the Seawolves Market or downloaded from Softweb. To download from Softweb, enter using the indicated password (read carefully, it is not your usual password) and go to  University Licensed Applications
  • You can also use ssh to download or upload files from and to the MathLab. In this way, you can download your Maple files to the computers you are working on.  The application ssh is installed at all Sinc sites.
  • For ssh instructions, read here.
  • For remote graphical acces to MathLab follow these intructions.