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Academic Calendar.

Link to MAT 142 Spring 2003.

Exams. (Check the date/time/room for the FINAL and suggestions on how to prepare for the FINAL)
Homework, quizzes and test scores: R01 , R02 ,

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  • REVIEW SESSION : Friday December 13, 6-8 pm, Room P-131 Math Tower. We will go over the sample final test. Try doing it BEFORE the session. Bring a copy and ... your questions! Do not do (iii) and (viii).
  • Daniel will also run an additional review session (ask him when and where).
  • The MLC will be fully-staffed through Friday Dec. 13. On Monday Dec. 16 and Tues. Dec. 17, the rooms will be open from 10-6 as a study hall, but they cannot supply tutors - they have their own finals. Starting Wed. Dec. 18 the MLC will be closed.
    Syllabus: tex file, ps file, dvi file, pdf file. Tentative day-by-day syllabus ; it is subject to changes.
    MAT 141 staff, their e-mails addresses, offices and office hours.
    Homework assignements.
    In-class group-work: 1 ; 1sol ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ;
    Other links: 141 Fall 2001.
    SUPPORT RESOURCES: (*) The MATH LEARNING CENTER (MLC) is located in Phys A-127 and is a place where students can go for help and/or to form study groups. Check the link for more info. (**) The textbook website has a Skill Mastery Quizzes page with quizzes for each chapter that are administered and graded online. Use these to gauge your progress. (***) The instructor and the TA have regular office hours.
  • Mark Andrea de Cataldo's homepage.
  • Quod non est in web non est in mundo