Due to my participation as invited speaker to the Hayama Symposium on Several Complex Variables, in Hayama, Japan, I will not be at Stony Brook during the week of finals, December 16-20. I will then go to Italy for private as well as for professional reasons until the Spring semester.

The final will be graded by Mr. Daniel An and by a senior faculty member of the Department of Mathematics. The final grade in the course will be determined similarly, following my precise instructions.

I am running a review session as posted and so will Mr. An. Mr. An will be available for help through his office hours.

If you have a question concerning your grade, please first read carefully the following document. If you are sure your grades were not added-up correctly, please contact Mr. An. If your question is of a different nature, write a letter, not an e-mail, to me. See the syllabus.

See the syllabus for how the final grade is computed. Here are some changes, all to your advantage:
  • 1) If your score in Midterm II is higher than the one in Midterm I, then I will double your score in Midterm II and disregard the Midterm I score.
  • 2) If your score in the final test corresponds to a D, and your final letter grade should be D OR LESS, then your final letter grade will be D.
  • 3) If your score in the final corresponds to an A, and your scores in midterms, homework and quizzes show a VERY compelling positive trend, then your final letter grade MAY be A.
  • I have enjoyed having you as students. Happy Holidays!